plus2guitare 06/07/2014

Washburn HB35 : plus2guitare's user review

«  A 335 'like very Blues / Jazz! »

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Made in the mid 80s in Japan.

Bridge-type Tunomatic (gibson es335 kind)
Channel 22 boxes, typed Gibson / Fender mix between flat and round
The gold hardware is standard Gibson kind.
The lifts are oil bath that hold the tuning well.


Nice handle with rosewood fingerboard.
This handle 22 frets is wide enough (but not too much!) And slightly thicker (but not too much!) It want well in hand to let the "feeling". It was above a specific and sensitive playing.

The guitar is quite heavy, it is really not cardboard! I invested in a good wide leather strap well equipped with "strap lock" effective for comfort.
A beautiful maple for the body and the neck, highlighted by a sunburst "tabacco" dark, very classy for my taste.

Who often played in the past on a real Gibson es335 dot vintage 1963, proportions and playability are quite similar.


In basic configuration, it is a pretty standard electronic which is fortunately well doped with a good violin.

The atmosphere is very Jazz blues or clean / crunch following settings.

The original pickups are, of course, not too bad but they are still to be changed by PAF 59 Tornado MS

see review:

The electronics also completely changed by the CTS, cable sheathing fabric 50 'and condos PIO OUR ...

This has nothing to do, the guitar is transcended!
Can not easily describe the difference, so it's huge, it's not the same sphere of expressiveness.
The sound now seems from fingers and intent.


I use it for more than 20 years, it has almost 30

It's amazing how the so-called "mid-range" 80 offering a basic good violin (luthier Japanese Matsumoku also known for Ibanez G. Benson series), first guitars, last time at level violin, and also earn terribly receive a high-end electronics ...

I had already made up last year on a small Tele Squier Classic Vibe 50 microphones set MS Tornado 55

So I knew the Washburn HB35 will become a killer.

The ratio Q / P is magical ... It is in the courtyard of the "Gibson" Vintage (I know, this is subjective) but just 10 times cheaper (This objective is there!)
Of course I do it again this choice, I do not have the means to an American
And what noticeable difference? The logo? Flattery of the "ego?