Behringer Podcastudio FireWire
Behringer Podcastudio FireWire

Podcastudio FireWire, Home Studio Package from Behringer.

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AlanForPresident 06/06/2012

Behringer Podcastudio FireWire : AlanForPresident's user review

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If you are looking for a Podcast Kit then the Behringer Podcastudio FireWire is just what you need. I have been using it for a while now and though about upgrading to something better several times but I keep telling my self why. If its working great and it’s a good quality and hasn’t failed me yet so I have no reason to want to move on and upgrade. I have tried a few other pod casting packages from local stores most of them are cheap and didn’t sound to good.

I am happy I chose to purchase this kit, I did it without any knowledge on this type of stuff and pod casting was new to me. The sounds is great and everything is really easy to set up I looked at the instructions and manual for a few mins . Probably less than 5 minutes and I was able to understand just about everything. I started my first pod cast almost immediately and was broadcasting it in now time. I have recommended this to a friend and now he has it and has been using it for a while now.

The mixing console that comes with it doesn’t seem to well built though, so I wouldn’t plan on something not breaking off it you drop it. So you will have to make sure you take care of it. The mic sounds good enough to record your pod cast or any type of look show you may have. Don’t try to use the mic to record instruments or singing vocals or anything like that because it will sound horrible. For the price you will love what you get with the Behringer Podcastudio Fire Wire kit. If something every happens to mine, I will go out and buy this exact same kit in a heartbeat.