Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath

Aftermath, Humbucker guitar pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the Humbuckers Contemporary series.

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tjon901 07/29/2011

Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath : tjon901's user review

« BK with an even eq »

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Bare Knuckle pickups is a custom pickup maker out of the United Kingdom. They are known for their super heavy pickups that have rediculous output and tone. These pickups have been taking over the industry by storm. Everyone who is playing heavy music has been looking into these pickups. I know of people who have been swapping out active pickups and putting Bare Knuckle pickups in their place because the passives are more brutal. In the Bare Knuckle line the Aftermath is pretty low output compared to most of their stuff. The Aftermath has a symmetrically wound twin screw coil design and has 3 ceramic magnets in it. Neck versions come with an output rated at 11.5k while the bridge version comes out at a little under 15k. This is pretty light when you consider they sell pickups with like 25k output. The eq on these pickups is pretty even with a little tilt towards the highend. This pickup is similar to the painkiller but with the mids dialed back so it does not sound as honky. The pickup still retains all the tightness and brutality that you would expect from a pickup from Bare Knuckles but with a fairly even eq and reasonable output. This pickup is super tight and will be as tight as you are. With the fairly even eq it will not overpower the natural tones of whatever guitar you put it in. A good pickup with a flat eq with just accentuate the natural tones of the wood of the guitar. So if you have a dark guitar this pickup will give a dark sound if you have a bright guitar it will put out a bright sound. If you are looking for a brutal pickup with a fairly even eq it would be hard to go wrong with this pickup.