DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced
DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced

DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

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myriam63660_en's review

DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced
F-spaced version mounted on a ebmm JP6
The tone zone is a standard: précision, modern sound. Great pickup for palm mute... not so great for solos or clean
I have also played on dimarzio Steve's special, Evolution, d-sonic, Seymour duncan JB, EMG 81, EMG 85...
a good pickup for métal

Sprinkler's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" From Heavy"

DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced
I used this mic on an art that I paid 120 passive.Le microphone has a presence and a very strong personality, he is clearly a big fat smooth but a little fuzz there is more rhythm oriented very serious and specific medium a tight side (pressure compressed what ^ ^) in this spectrum, lacks a bit of thrash saturation (at high) Palm Mute does not come out very well because of his hump in the low medium and low are already there (hard to explain). With my guitar it was a big grunt versatile but not perfect for the grunge punk fuzzz blues. used in preference to a wooden sounding treble (ash lite ash) for more versatility in addition to splits;) . Mudhoney to play the Sunn in any case it will not tear your ears with too much treble here is fun;)


cazu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced
Well, to quote and summarize the previous statements, the tone area has many low and medium. What makes the sound actually very aggressive. It therefore has more character than SH4 JB. which is ideal for out of the mix and put forward your guitar during a solo. Compared to the production EMG, it is always much warmer and less "blade razoir" I used it for two years on a Telecaster deluxe. I just install one on my Start with a metal cover that grows even harmonics (and look). It Depotter, there's nothing to say. The ideal is to use it in all possible configurations: series / split / parallel,
It is really much more versatile than a hot and sh4, (many medium, but "cold")
more bass and a safe SH6, which saturates more because more acute.
In point of comparison: close enough to the DP100 with a little more precision and medium.
On a solid body too acute, it really enhanced the sound! Blues, rock of all kinds, metal, grunge and company ... even for the NUmetal.
A Micro GENIAL MoOaa, I love!

myriam63660's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone F-Spaced
- Submitted gnralement as the holy grail of bridge pickups, personally I dtest (the tone zone and the d-sonic pickups are the class I dernire position relative to the EMG 85, 60, 81, SA, DiMarzio evolution, mgadrive, steve's special, virtual PAF, Fred, air norton, and Seymour Duncan JB)
The zone has a tone prcis its modern but really too aggressive for me, its area of ​​prdilection is clearly chords and palm mute
It is often said that this would be the microphone closest to the microphones of a custom which quipent MODELS Van Halen's guitar (I forget which) I could often see posts trs of Internet forums, which had purchased a tone zone thought to be an equivalent special microphones van halen, and the resulting extremely taient rsultat. Now all dpend also the hardware and gots each.