Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker
Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker

SH-13 Dimebucker, Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the High Output Humbuckers series.

jkessel 04/30/2012

Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker : jkessel's user review

« Razor sharp, very modern pickup »

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I got this in a Dean Dime O Flame. Based off of Dime's L500XL, whether it was the B&B or the BLUSA isn't known and doesn't really matter, they're incredibly close. There's rumors it was based off a custom L500XXL made just for him but that's not a proven fact. This is a very bright pickup, which happens to be it's #1 complain. A simple 250k pot swap will smooth out those highs and make this pickup sing. Designed to be used in a full mahogany guitar which is pretty dark, so if you put it in an already bright strat style guitar what else would you expect? This pickup isn't bad in any sense but it wasn't as tight or clean as the B&B L500XL. It has higher gain and IMO a bit too much. It is a little fuzzy for that reason, they needed to take off a few winding's to calm it down a bit. Like the L500 this pickup is very clear. Listen to some Pantera to get an idea of how articulate these are. He used the L500 during Pantera but they’re so similar you’ll get the idea. Along with the articulation these have a very smooth razor like sound. It’s not thick but it’s not thin either, it just makes staccato playing effortless, cause it wants to be tight anyways.

Again this is definitely not a bad pickup but for what it is (a L500XL copy) I don't see the point is spending another $30 for the words "seymour duncan" and Dime's signature on it. I'd rather just buy the REAL thing for $50 and have very slightly better tone. There’s a huge debate over B&B vs BLUSA, I don’t buy into it at all. They both make great pickups and are close enough in tone that no one should ever care. I guarantee no one would be able to tell which is which in a blind test, without getting lucky. There’s a youtube video floating around that compared the B&B, BLUSA, and the Dimebucker, all in the same guitar. I suggest you check it out.