elcascador 10/28/2005

SPL Gain Station 1 : elcascador's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Modules: impedance switch, input transformer Lundhal optional switchable HP filter, preamp discrete, switchable preamp tube, compressor / limiter disengaged, peak overload clutch, Lundhal optional transformer.

XLR, jack instrument, optional parallel spdif

XLR, jack, spdif option

In short, everything you need to make the sound recording serious.


Very user friendly.

Clear and comprehensive manual.


Ahh ... the principal.

It's just insane.

The audio preamplifier is a choice of clear or very colorful. According to the recordings, it grows more or less the lamp module, and then takes its shape quite variable.

The input impedance has a subtle but interesting effect on the sound, basically, the extreme-high frequencies are more or less emphasized.

Without the floor lamp (one transistor), one has to sound great, but so very right. Bandwidth 1 Hz to 200 000 ^ ^. No significant harmonic distortion. Furthermore, transients are reproduced so well that sometimes scratches his head ... It's a bit surreal, so it's slamming and clean at once. Thank you overeating I rediscovered my NT1 I thought too filthy. Finally the buttocks with the SPL it is doing pretty good! Well, a little C414 is probably not a luxury, but ...

When you plug the lamp module, the medium thicken, become muffled treble, bass growl softly. A narrow bandwidth chouilla (just, eh ... moving from a bandwidth bandwidth obscene "audible and natural"). The saturation itself is very progressive and magnifies a micro dry or too sharp (as my NT1 ...). Voices without much class (mine for example) spend a lot more ... That's cheating but it's awfully effective. Perhaps the most beautiful voices are reproduced without the tube stage.

The compressor / limiter output is very exciting. Few adjustments, but a big feeling and instinctive operation. It is engaged with the tube stage, however the goal is just the same: bigger sound without the mess.


I have a few months. I really hesitated before buying it, I almost take a UA M610, but I wanted versatility. I think I made the right choice.

I love the concept of "taking the box" for homestudio. Preamp + Compressor multiforme intuitive. I've never been a fan of EQ in the decision, hence the interest for me Gainstation. In addition, better than EQ, there are two ways to change the original stamp: input impedance, which subtly plays on the acute and lamp that inflates gradually mediums.
We pass easily from its "high impedance transistor + = net, clear and precise as crystal"
to its "low impedance lamp + 12dB = smooth, soft and musical"
to "high impedance lamp 24dB + + compressor = background now warm and vibrant" without losing any of potato crazy device.

In fact, the Gainstation is a choice of invisible or purring.

For electric bass in DI, that oats as ever. Bandwidth in the grave is abysmal and we can push the lamp and the limiter thoroughly. For electric guitar, I use Guitar Rig to attack, that changes everything! I was not too fan of this plug, but with the Gainstation input, the sound, blah, becomes truly fabulous.

Price / quality ratio. Top quality, medium price range. The report is pretty good when compared to, among other things, Presonus (cheaper and less bcp), UA (the character, but expensive), GML, Neve and API (expensive).

In this price range and with my requirements, I do not know better. Clean sound quality can not be exceeded without jumping to a level considerably higher price. As a bonus, it has the added tube stage and the compressor is far from a gadget.