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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 3 reviews27 %
Value For Money : Excellent

djama's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" surprising machine"

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
mono synth rack.
with 8 knobs for editing.
I midi control via the keyboard of my R3.
no worries.


good, 8 knobs for machine as full, at first it's a little scary.
But you get used to it.
If you want to create complex sounds a bit against by, take your time and go to sub menus, shifts, all ...
But it could be worse actually.
It's not one button one function, but at this price it's still nice, and the live hack is more or less always the same stuff. And are still using ignite, touch all the buttons and sounds dingoes out in 2 minutes.


Aaaaah! sounds!
smashes it! Finally I adore.
It is complex, it goes in all directions, hyper scalable (the machine is aptly named).
The step sequencer is mega effective.
Everything is adjustable. it sends the wood.
We might as well get analog sounds deeper than metal screams. Indeed it is in this modern registry that I find most interesting evolver.
I think it is a fantastic machine to make a weird note in his productions. And I like weird.


What I like least is that my model is defective. Have.
I bought it secondhand here, but my seller "forgot" to mention a small problem a little annoying because the machine does not deign to always work. I plug in, it flashes, but there lottery, sometimes I sound, I sometimes saturated, sometimes (often) I have nothing. So the balls.
So ok, I did not pay money, but it's still pretty expensive for a box flashes.
Finally, if I'm picking, I branch disconnects several times, usually it works, and there is superb.
But it blocks me, sometimes I do not want to upset me. Then I looked, and I think that this is a great synth ...
Dj Alec Trusk05/22/2011

Dj Alec Trusk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Huge ..."

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
They were given without previous notice.


Taking but is really very simple. The matrix is ​​printed on the hull ... All boheur.
The manual is clear and very useful both because it is very easy to approach.


The sonoritées are bluffing ...


I work over the last month and I welcome his purchase a few more days ... tousle
Go there eyes closed and ears wide open .......

sectiond's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
monophonic analog synth + sequencer designed by a specialist of the genre: DAVE SMITH (inventor MIDI protocol and creator of the legendary prophet)


Very simple and pleasant to use, software available on the site to edit more Seriously.


At first use I do not believe that a small box cheap as it can sound as big and beautiful !!!!!!!
has analog sounds very 70's but also present
very low fat distortion with the 4 oscillators allow a lot of things
delays successful enough ..
wavetable the prophet vs please !!!
sequencer that allows hypnotic patterns has Schultz: I love !!
can compete without problem with a prestigious synth ...
considering the price the question does not arise even !!!


Sound, sound, sound !!!! DAVE SMITH !!!!
I absolutely love all the sounds ...
if you bump into digital is a little more to get the original sound and efficient !!!
this little box inspires me all the time ... and my music is more appreciated since I put the evolver in my tracks !!! if so .....
price quality report does not discuss the ...
in addition it is beautiful and do not take up much space ...
I do not find it to actually default !!!

Looking for audio demos on the web, listen ... compare, think ... and you will fall ....; D

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
For the top price!


Very complete array a bit confusing, but once you sy that c is that of happiness!
The sequencer is simply mortal, I shall have loved it a little longer (64 or 128)

I had to open the manual once m has seemed clear ..


Sounds very varied.
Many prefer the analog osc's me and i like the synth on this digital
The effects are very good.


It's been a short year I have the and I am far from having been around and I love it

It perfectly complements an analog type pulse but I busted out the poly model because I miss ...

In short it is a bomb at that price I do not think (I'm even sure) you could do better ...

swoonboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
Featured Articles known


Being given that matrix, it looked a little funny at first but got used to it pretty quickly.

not too too need the manual, everything is instinctive enough!


Sounds, good to start do not expect a huge sound, infinite bandwidth, an unheard lightness, a roundness to rival a mini! it is rather harsh, ugly dirty and nasty! modulations in all directions, two distortions (distortion and hack) which completes what has already been well malemen filter efficient enough, and especially the feedback, the delay lines! ca deposits in his mother tong!


I've had four months.
TOC mono sometimes bothers me.
not too tried other stuff, the more caracteristiques'on
for what we do in a few excellent Q / P
I do not think I bought it, I would tend to poly and keyboard :-) )

tyrell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
Monaural but possde 4 osc, lfo 4, lots of modulation destination, a squenceur 4 tracks 16 notes max. 2 analog osc, 2 filters (low pass filter in Ralite DDouble left-right) 2 osc digital, delay, distortion, between one to filter. Since 4 squenceurs can vary the pitch of the 4 oscillators, one can have 4 Młoda simultanment! We really do feel like be in front of a monophonic synth.


Easy to use, once we got the matrix! Manuel sufficient.


The sound KILLS! I RPET, it kills! Almost anything is possible with this synth. Can sound trs seventies (Tangerine Dream) or current trs. The squenceur is simple but allows for vritablement evolve the sound of trs PERIOD long as the squence 4 lengths may have Different. In addition, four LFOs can change at any sound. It yammer of the FM + ring mods.


What I like best: almost infinite hacks that allows the warm, deep bass, sounds duly style sci-fi that can emerge from the bte. Buy it, you will not due!