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Hybrid synthesizers user reviews

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack

    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack - ostrovitch's review


    Expander, synthse vector 8 notes polyphony, single / split / dual CHARACTERISTICS same keyboard as the Prophet VS. T only about 900 have made, so it's in a rare rare. I have class in the section rack / analog modules, as well as this synth is…

  • Ensoniq ESQ1

    Ensoniq ESQ1 - 106-juno's review


    Great synth sounds for old numrique found in today! Part 8 and 8 voice poly, c but not a problem! UTILIZATION Stewardship noon edition single sounds "not like the DX7." I found on the net an editor and reader unfamiliar sounds gnial! SOUNDS…

  • Waldorf MicroWave

    Waldorf MicroWave - SpootniK's review


    Analog filter and envelope. Two oscillating Two Lfo Envelope: volume, filter, pitch. Filter: 24dB 8 point envelope can control the LFO, filter, volume ..... Reoit 4 controllers customizable, can be a pressure control. Glide. N…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS - Phil93's review


    Tpo USE Top SONORITS Top NOTICE GLOBAL CAUTION ago PROPHET VS and Prophet VS. As Moog or Oberheim, there were several fabrications. (Source doc SCI and Wine Country) This is some of the models "keyboards" that are touchs, some do…

  • Ensoniq ESQ1

    Ensoniq ESQ1 - steampump's review


    The ESQ1 is among the first workstation-type synth. Polyphony 8 voices and sequencer 24,000 notes. It uses a digital wavetable 8 analog waves and waves samplés.L 8 'envelloppe and filters are analog. Sounds are excellent malgrés age. Malheure…

  • Dave Smith Instruments Evolver

    Dave Smith Instruments Evolver - tyrell's review


    Monaural but possde 4 osc, lfo 4, lots of modulation destination, a squenceur 4 tracks 16 notes max. 2 analog osc, 2 filters (low pass filter in Ralite DDouble left-right) 2 osc digital, delay, distortion, between one to filter. Since 4 squenceurs ca…

  • Korg Dw-8000

    Korg Dw-8000 - Zebra trois's review


    Keyboard: 61 keys Controller: Joystick (CONTRL of Bend, CSOs and VCF) Connectors: Audio (R / L), MIDI (In / Out / Thru), Cassette, Pedals, Phone, ... Effect: a small simple delay Number of sound: 64 Polyphony: 8 voices (Unison mode possible…