Ibanez BTB user reviews

  • Ibanez BTB406QM

    Ibanez BTB406QM - VicMacKey's review


    Made in Korea. 24 frets, Ibanez humbuckers. Trestle bridges indpendants. Rglages: volume, balance microphones, boost / cut bass, boost / cut treble, boost / cut range of mediums with frequencies. Bolt. Book cover with a real well made Ibane…

  • Ibanez BTB300BG

    Ibanez BTB300BG - Gregpunk's review


    The BTB is the site REFERENCE amricain, not on the site franais. I bought Albaynac Music (42 - St Etienne) for $ 500 new. mics: SPJ-4N Ibanez and Ibanez Neck PU Bridge PU SPJ-4B Volume 1 knob knob select one of the micro Lequalisation is on …