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Ibanez S user reviews

  • Ibanez S540FM

    Ibanez S540FM - LB31's review


    I found my happiness by playing with this S540FM. UTILIZATION . SOUNDS . OVERALL OPINION I found my happiness by playing with this S540FM. I was looking for a guitar that could be one with me. It should be lightweight, easy to play, be…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - KoRn_love_HIV's review


    CHARACTERISTICS below UTILIZATION The handle is a marvel vritablement, Access in acute ultra simple, not too heavy SOUNDS I play Black (and true warrior), for now it suits me perfectly, I play on a Marshall DFX 30 W amp (which sounds more tha…

  • Ibanez S520EX

    Ibanez S520EX - obiwankennedy's review


    Made in Japan is a very good guitar. 22 box has a licensed floyd bridge a volume knob of a Tone. 2 humbucker with 5 possible configuration flat handle very pretty I have in Black. UTILIZATION The handle is very enjoyable may not be very usefu…

  • Ibanez S2120X

    Ibanez S2120X - joebrain's review


    I use this guitar for about a year! it is gniale! the handle is perfect, fast ... The guitar is enjoyable to play! in addition it has a micro pizo which allows him to have the sound of an acoustic guitar. Although I do not often serve this option, it…

  • Ibanez S270

    Ibanez S270 - rowerfox's review


    Weed then the S270 is an ibanez guitar wood (c quoique. .. TFW board, actually) with a wooden handle, in mtal frets, plastic microphones, etc. ... it is Corenne I believe it has 2 pickups Ibanez Powersound double and a single. she rglages 2: Volume…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - Silh's review


    Made in Japan, 23 frets, a double neck pickup a simple and a central micro micro acute simple switchable in 5 positions, floyd floyd rose type, 2 buttons: volume and tone, Bolt ultrathin type "Formula 1" super comfortable . UTILIZATION Channel su…

  • Ibanez S540

    Ibanez S540 - childrenofmetal's review


    This guitar made in Japan, 22 frets, Floyd Rose, 2 doubles 3 pickups (neck to QM1, QM2 at the bridge) and a simple (QMS1) in the middle. These pickups were designed by DiMarzio but are not DiMarzio much like the seymour duncan design with! SETTINGS…

  • Ibanez S1540

    Ibanez S1540 - Sl!pKoRn's review


    This guitar comes from the prestigious series of Ibanez Sabre ... Its features include a mahogany body and flamed maple top ... Its Prestige Wizard neck flat and comfortable to perfection ... Its rosewood fingerboard fitted with 22 frets, its jumbo f…

  • Ibanez S370

    Ibanez S370 - Sp|ne's review


    In terms of technical specifications, nothing like a visit to the site ptite Ibanez ... Basically: Channel Wizard jumbo frets, mahogany body (so it looks like a very light scratch balsa). Ibanez pickups and tremolo. Made in Korea of ​​course. …

  • Ibanez S370DX

    Ibanez S370DX - Le.lenny's review


    Ibanez therefore manufactures in Japan, 22 frets, two humbeckers and simple in the middle, Floyd easel, 5-way switch, Tone and volume, rosewood fingerboard, repres in ripples and excellent finishes ... I ' c not what else to say really ... USE …