Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

Sound Blaster Live!, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creative Labs.

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fred806 12/24/2004

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! : fred806's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Caractérisqitques interesting: good quality for multimedia, good value for money.
Usage: Playing and listening at the beginning, music now.
Config: MSI Bipro CM (AMD762 768), Proc AMD 2400 + GeForce Ti4400, DD40 and 30 GB, 1 GB DDR.
Instruments: Amp input line (something stupid, absolutely avoid!) Or direct guitar input (+ amp simulation)


Install without worry.
Incompatibilities: no.
General configuration: easy.
Manual: not even read!


The original drivers are good for multimedia. BUT: the music was pretty bad. Especially in terms of latency.
Case in point: not possible to use Amplitube in real time in Vegas 4.0.

The solution was to switch to the Project Kx drivers: a little complicated, but ASIO compatible, with very low latency (5ms with no cracks), and fully programmable DSP effects (actually, I do not care) . So, playing with Amplitube has become a haphazard Vegas 4 nickel ASIO works, it's terrible. The quality is locked at 48Khz by drivers.

on the other hand, for another type of use, quality of converters and mini jack connections do not have good sound. Avoid this if you want to record vocals or instruments seriously.

So 6 / 10 with the Kx drivers


I used 3 years with pleasure.
Special feature: the kx drivers, free and effective.
I tried low-end cards and ISIS ... ho hum.
Quality / price, despite very poor converters.
I would do this choice for the budget. Néamnoins, do not kid ourselves, it helps out a card that well but can not make recordings seriously.

I do not put that 5 / 10 because of a dodgy converters for input and guidance multimedia.