E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the E-MU 0404

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 44 reviews )
 20 reviews45 %
 9 reviews20 %
 6 reviews14 %
 2 reviews5 %
 6 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Geo la bidouille04/01/2012

Geo la bidouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For the price! ..."

E-MU 0404
Internal sound card, entry level, very proper for the asking price, installation is easy, the PatchMix is ​​a bit complicated for my taste!


The drivers are relatively stable, it works fine in Live and Cubase but sometimes no sound is heard and we must restart the session from the management software of the card. I use it with 7 ms latency.


The control panel of the card is a bit tricky to master especially the routing (PatchMix) is definitely not intuitive. Personally I took the advantage of simplicity by using e no effect and minimal tracks, the ideal is to get its own session. Plugged directly into and out of my mixer.


I use it for some years and I have less and less of a problem of "stall" time! I do not think I would do that choice today as the market for sound cards has evolved significantly and prices have fallen dramatically.
One can find better without problems, even less expensive!

Jean-Hub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
Unstable drivers (since forced to relocate from time to time.
Level was monitored continuously if light saturation.


Install easy.
Not much to update as it seems necessary.
Config painful (PatchMix)


Use since 2006.
Very few crashes when requested.

- PatchMix boring
- Getting Started PatchMix long to boot the computer.
- "I have been necessary to reinstall the drivers for the card several times already
because I had no sound even though the VU meters (in the PatchMix)
indicated an activity card ... "Pb actually met.
- Its not always very clean.
- Fragile connectors (but OK if you connect or disconnect all day)

I think soon to purchase a map M-Audio instead.

azertyvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404


How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment?
15 20 (without insert effect)
Attention (with three or four effects per track) may be significantly less.


Have you experienced any incompatibility? incompatibility with certain video games.


+ point: the MIDI input and output.
point -: A meileur latency is not a luxury.

marco_fot_hxc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
NB: on my PC config, see my personal details

- 2 between 6.35 mono jack
- 2 mono output jack 6.35
- Between 1 and 1 SPDIF output (Coax)
- Between 1 / 1 optical output
- 1 / 1 out MIDI

From this point of view, we can say that is enough or at least provided enough variety. Just might regret the absence of RCA connectors ...

A highlight:
The DSP is Intgr I think a strong point of this card because it vritablement discharge to the CPU. However (and I do not know if it comes from my PC or the card strictly speaking Intgr effects do not seem extremely powerful and so little optimiss ...

Petit, trs small! And is a strong point, especially when looking at beginners and the computer music was not excessive but need to connect more to have a good panel and a map to have low latency etc ...

NOTE: 6 / 10 because it is a good map for beginners but not enough I think


As long as we know install a PCI card, installation is no problem (note that windows dclenche a warning on the certification of pilots, but this does not affect the right operation).

So l. .. worries! On Windows there is no problem but on Linux Alsa drivers have not yet dvelopps t! So no sound unless you use the chipset Intgr card when you switch to Linux (or have a second sound card).

I said earlier that it was good for beginners in investissment computer music. I will Modre somewhat this statement because the configuration is not very easy (unlike). The card is powerful and many opportunities in terms of routing, but for nophytes (and even more advanced for some users) the PatchMix can be somewhat Drout (who said dgoutant? !).


The only trouble encountered is: Does he told me to reinstall the card ncessaire several dj (for unknown reasons) because I had no sound while the VU meters indicates activation of the card ...

Asio forces, no problem from this point of view l. One can easily get up to 5ms latency.

Number of track record:
This is the connection limits of this ct l. Honestly, the maximum that I used up the two tracks must be mono guitar track MIDI + 1 + 1 track Coax (Roland TD20) with simultaneous recording ... No worries.
In reading, I can not quantify it because much of VST dpend utiliss ...

NB: I use Cubase SX3


It's been two years since I use it and I do not regret this purchase allowed me to beginners in computer music. It is a safe buy for beginners and provides more than acceptable performance. Over time we come to regret the absence of an external enclosure or connectors ddi potentiomtres level of etc ... PatchMix and sometimes heavy grate.
At this price, however the is a good deal but I stress it takes a willingness to tame the card and rglages.
All in a card powerful but complex to use.
The 5.5 does not exist here, is 5. : S

zeulot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
Drle a choice to make models in its decision (voice - guitar and bass) + a battery from a soft wav.


Installation without any problem - in fact the problem is APRS they arrive. First you must know that the pack includes: a PCI card - the drivers for the PatchMix DSP and a suite of software ... of ... m. ... e, of poor quality. Gnrale configuration is relatively simple. you just need to understand how the GRE which is ASIO what in the chain. I have a lot in Ralite galr. The manual is trs commplet - well if you know what you're looking!


The drivers are stable but the apps ... pffff CUBASE VST 4.0 is a stew of braised chaez. First, it all goes gnre crunch, the tempo of acclaration will know why, saturations do you want to sail. Simply go out and go again and everything will be fine ... last for ten minutes! Steinberg amme Intgr a simulation of false contact for opening a voice recording. Change squenceur!! I rsolu this problem by doing an update of pathcmix ...


I use it for 2 months and I never do it again this election! I almost prfere my old TASCAM K7 - he at least is silent simple and effective. Sincrement same model to make it unhappy. I'll try to change the software. Depending on the rsultat ...

arnew's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
-entre/sortie jack + midi to posibility of direct effects
-Use to save power / sample with my em1 (live => impulse) / synth e-mu
-a8n-sli/3500 + / 120 1go/80 go
Em1 +-MIDI keyboard


-Explained preceded


-The drivers for this sound card extremely unstable on my config (Athlon64 3500 + 1GB ram XP2Pro win)! I need to reinstall the card every 6 demmarage
Drivers often put a-days but no change on the stabilitbr />-The software's quite unfortunate that the majority either version, but for the price on the bundle and fairly complete


His now-6 months I use this product corresponds very well with my expectations for a price pe is more cheap, quality price ratio apreciation (although the right bundle version is limited!), I not test the other stuff before so hard to make a difference, I doubt that I redo the same choice as it boring and need to reinstall all the drivers loaded all four windows