E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

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All user reviews for the E-MU 0404

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 44 reviews )
 20 reviews45 %
 9 reviews20 %
 6 reviews14 %
 2 reviews5 %
 6 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent

benwa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
- Motivations? Price, number of inputs and outputs, input-output format.
- What use? Modelling
- Config? PIV 3.0C, 1GB Corsair RAM, P4C800 motherboard, 120 GB SATA HD, Win XP SP1


No problem with installation, quick installation trs in less than 20 minutes and yet I do not have the mass of exprience in assembly / disassembly of PCI cards.

Tlcharger the latest version of driver, no problem of installation.

I plugged the card inputs the outputs of my little mixer (Berhinger MX802A) for several reasons:
- Bnficier pr-amps
- You can connect your card my stuff (bass, scratches, microphones) without having to slip pniblement derrire my CPU.


Many say that the PatchMix is ​​a real head-case ... bein not so much that eventually the dernire doc in French is admittedly a bit heavy but the examples they supply for use with a particular software are clear.

The "sessions" come standard also allows a simple and fast.

A single problem since rgl, I dtruit ears with a violent larcne Get You Started when I log on XP that I had not used since the installation of the map. APRS paramtrage a small (and declining earnings using the default session) more problem at the start of the session XP).

Otherwise I work in Sonar with no problem especially 3.


Exellent quality price ratio, but my exprience is not yet enough to judge consquente in the long term.

I would put the notice days later with more luggage because at the moment by reading and recording a single track simultaneously, no problem ... but it certainly will come one day to another! ;) .

sebastienloppin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I used up the sound card on my motherboard (which also silent unusable audio recording), a silent card 99 nickel for what I should do.

I am a composer of music image and this card is more than enough to make my own DMOS.

The sound is really nickel. a super dynamic, BLUFF!

My config:

P4 3Ghz
1024 DDR PC2700
1 HDD 160 GB

1 Radium 61 Keyboard Controller
Table 1 Behringer UB802
Boss GX700 Guitar Rack 1
1 Behringer Micro Chant


Installation without problem. New drivers also put (v1.6).
No incompatibility with the hardware, the motherboard (Via Chipset), and other PC peripherals.

Configuration PatchMix a little tedious when you do not know the technical routing, but not impossible.

Manuel clear only complaint more technical assistance on patchmic would be a plus.


The drivers are as I said dj stable. Petit same problem when opening cubase (but rare) no sound output.

I use Cubase SX2 with a ton of VSTi everything works perfectly.

I get a latency of 5ms no problem in 44.1 khz, I have not tried other frquence because I am currently on a long mtrage and does not want to put the bins in the components of j made.

1 simultanment track, with a stro between, it can be difficult to better, and I play one so ...


I use it for about 1 month
this card is lovely.
small BMOL for PatchMix complex
this is the first time I use a card with ASIO drivers, and it is top.

Report quality unbeatable price

I choose this referrer eyes shut, unless I was offered a MOTU HD :-)

In your portfolio, worth every penny ca

Yvan_fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
2 I / O analog jack, 2 / O numriques, MIDI, DSP embarquque say more than enough for my humble needs.
In addition, the software provided is enough to start working (Cubase VST and Wavelab Lite).


Installation very simple and without any problem, whether for the card or for software that comes despite a feeble computer configuration (P III, 256 MB Ram).
Manuals provided in PDF and in French please particulirement are clear and assists prcieuse


No concern for drivers under W2000.
I use the Cubase VST and Wavelab Momet Lite (comes with map) and until now, no problem noted, everything is stable trs.

The card sounds like a pro whether it be in analog or numrique.
Similarly, the DSP effects are Intgr dexcellentes bills and usable.

So why put 8 / 10?


Jai trs favorable notice for this card dentre end Mylen Careers News Patchmix's a little confusing, but examples can quickly get out of sen.
I am the User since July 2004 and until the silence despite limited computer configuration.

DEFINITIONS Cest a good choice for beginners in computer music with no worries!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU 0404
I chose this card to the reputation of the brand, for its audio processing capabilities (24bit / 96kHz) and for the many among analog and numriques outputs (2 outputs / analog among asymtriques jack 6.35, I / O optical and coaxial, I / O pm), all in cable breakthrough.
I used me to listen, but especially to my prods (Dub, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop Abstract)
I have a card MSI KT3 ULTRA ARU mother, a proc AMD ATHLON XP 1800+, 512 DDRAM, 2 hard drives 7200 / min (1 40GB system, one 120GB and give samples)
I use Cubase SX, Reason 2.5, Wavelab 4 and Recycle 2.0
It connectea Logitech multimedia speakers (2.1 system), 2 sattelites and 1 subwoofer.


Installation without problems, drivers are installed nickel (the manual is tat a problem installing the drivers who are still a little young, but I have had no problems, no message error as mentioned in the installation guide ...)
No incompatibility with deficits above software configuration is done aisment for each of them.
Pdf manual supplied with the card is pretty well done, clear and prcis (and franais more)


No problem drivers (of updates are arranged on the site of E-mu condition enregisrter the product on their website)
I use Reason 2.5 in rewire with Cubase SX 1, and the sound is nickel, clear and powerful prcis on all frequencies (even with my poor system of listening)
Under Reason and Cubase, latency without problems down below 5 ms longer there is no latency direct recording and listening. In short it is happiness !!!


I use it recently but I like serious !!!
I like the patch mix dsp software supplied with the card (a virtual mixing desk with tracks for each numriques among analog and outputs), the effects included with the software (over 500 prsets) are ts of good quality and can be used without seeking the CPU of the computer thanks to the e-dsp system.
In conclusion, this card is gniale power and quality of its incomparable with other sound cards among range. only regret the breakthrough cables are too short to my taste (but hey I'm not going to diffivile that price l.
The report qualitprix is ​​staggering (99 euros for what it makes it almost donation)
In short, if your budget is limited and you want a quality of its professionnele for your pc with possiblit to connect external analog and priph numriques, this card is for you, not hesitate not go for it !!!