Roland KC-550
Roland KC-550

KC-550, Keyboard Amplifier from Roland in the KC series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Roland KC-550

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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ericthegreat's review"great amp , must try"

Roland KC-550
I have this amp for a few months now, and I don't regret getting this one. It's sound is just amazing and it has enough power to get me heard over my band mates (they have a nag to play somewhat loud).
I use the KC 550 with a Yamaha NP-30 and an old PSR-220 for the moment


Great! This amp reproduces the sound as it should. It has a rich bass response, which I like very much about this amp. Though I got to be careful not to drown the bassist sometimes. (Can be solved with the EQ). Vocals sound very good as well. To prevent 'howling' when using a mic, try to lower the High range by about a fifth. In most cases it solves it for me
I've ran a electric guitar trough it a few times, it sounds very clean and almost acoustic.

This amp is great for small to medium-large sized gigs, and has enough power to be heard over the guitars. It does need some tweaking when in larger areas. (I have to give the high-mid range a small boost for better sound.) The four (or five) inputs are good for me, I only use three at the moment.


I like that the KC 550 has four (Stereo) inputs and an extra AUX input, making a total of five inputs. I use it as a monitor and mixer when we record our songs by ourself. The sound output, when all channels are mixed, is very good. A great plus to this amp.
There are casters attached to this unit, which can be taken off. This is a good thing, since it's not that light (~27 kg) and somewhat bulky.
The KC 550 has a Stereo Link ability; you can link it with an extra KC 550/350. Combined you can have ten inputs (eight without AUX), though on two different outputs.
This unit features a three band EQ, which is all I need actually.

songboy's review

Roland KC-550
This amp is a solid state setup. The power coming out of this thing is fairly strong at 180w. The connections are actually pretty sweet on this amp. This amp has a built in 4 channel mixer which offers stereo 1/4" jacks for each channel and also an XLR input on channel 1 and finally an RCA input. The outputs include stereo 1/4" and XLR connections and of course a headphone output. This amp was also designed to be part of a larger setup. You also have the input/output options to stereo link the amp with another KC model amp and also a Subwoofer too. As for settings, well, it has a three band EQ with a "Shape" button that kind makes the sound a little more punchy in my opinion. It also comes with a ground loop switch which can come in very handy when you get that awful humming sound. As for effects there are no built in options.


I would say that the general config/setup is very simple. If you have ever used even the most basic mixer and the most basic combo amp, then you should be totally fine. If you zero all the knobs (12 o'clock) the sound is pretty decent. It only takes a little tweaking of the highs and lows for me to get the sound I like. I puchased my KC 550 used and didn't get the manual. However, I have never come across anything on this amp that would make me need it.


I have had this amp for 1 1/2 years. What I like most? It has stereo connections for a single speaker. That comes in very handy when you want to use this amp as a PA speaker but only have one (good for DJs). I also like how light it is for its size. Its not a feather but its the same size as some other solid state amps I own but weighs a good 20 or so lbs. less. What I don't like? It could be my speaker is going bad, but I feel the amp cannot handle low end frequencies very well. It starts to make some bad distorted sounds on some of my "bass" keyboard patches. Overall, this is a pretty decent amp for someone who wants the power and the simple mixing options with out having to lug around a whole PA. If thats not you, spend your $600 on a nice powered PA speaker, and when you can spend that much again, get the other one for the pair. I also own a really nice set of EV powered PA speakers and they suit me much better. Infact, I might be selling my KC 550 just because I never use it any more.

cedricarius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland KC-550
Output power: 120 W
Speakers: Woofer 30 cm (12 "), wrong engine
Nominal Input Level (1 kHz):
Channel 1 (MIC / LINE): -50 to -20 dBu
Channel 2, 3, 4 (LINE): -20 dBu
AUX IN: -10 dBu
Nominal Output Level (1 kHz):

LINE OUT: +4 dBu
Output STEREO LINK: 0 dBu

Channel 1 (MIC / LINE) Volume
Channel 2 (LINE): Volume
Channel 3 (LINE): Volume
Channel 4 (MONITOR): Volume
Output selector
Headphone volume
Selector SHAPE
POWER Switch
GND LIFT switch
Indicator: POWER

CH1 INPUT Jack (XLR type)
CH1-4 INPUT L (MONO) Jacks (1 / 4 "phone type)
CH1-4 INPUT R Jacks (1 / 4 "phone type)
LINE OUT L (MONO) Jack (1 / 4 "phone type)
LINE OUT R Jack (1 / 4 "phone type)
AUX IN Jacks (RCA phono type)
SUBWOOFER OUT Jack (1 / 4 "phone type)
STEREO LINK IN Jack (1 / 4 "phone type)
STEREO LINK OUT Jack (1 / 4 "phone type)
PHONES Jack (Stereo 1 / 4 "phone type)
Voltage: AC 230/240 V


I use it in turn to play solo or with my Roland X8! extremely easy to use is not even need the manual! the connection is very simple trimming of medium bass treble came headset


Can be a bit expensive to buy but do not regret it. very good product, good finish;
lil flat when to move on the ground it's going, there are roulette, but when you have to climb stairs, it weighs heavy enough attention to limbago (30kg)