Yamaha PSR-9000
Yamaha PSR-9000

PSR-9000, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Yamaha PSR-9000

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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 1 user review20 %
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Vinz67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PSR-9000
5 octave velocity arranger keyboard + channel aftertouch touch "synth", Midi IN / OUT * 2, SCSI, Video, 4 pedals.
331 + 480 XG voices, 14 drum kits, 2 SFX kits, 126 polyphony, multitimbral 32 (or close to it: in addition to all parts of what is playing on the keyboard and the accompaniment, there are 16 ways to pieces to a load from the floppy disk, hard disk or a SCSI device).
8 sections of effects (2 global reverb / chorus, a customizable insert / to, 5 inserts)

16-track sequencer where it is also possible to record what we do with the arranger. Edition not impossible. The DSP can be used with sequencer tracks you want.

Arranger: 2 rhythm tracks, pad, phrase 1, phrase 2, bass, chord 1, chord 2: side dishes are very rich. You can easily cut any part in game 3 Intros, 3 end, four variations, four fill-in, 1 Break in style.
Creation of style can be from scratch or from parts of other syles or by modifying an existing style.

The sounds in general are excellent and varied (except for the piano a little hollow but good). Special mention for electric pianos, brass. the rest is very good. It sounds just a little too clean / clear to be true!
It has a kind of system Drawbar Organ (9) which may create its sounds of Hammond organ (which I love!). Each DSP has a setting "slow / fast" (the parameter that changes depending on the effect) so you can program for the 2 speed leslie and switch from one to another with a foot switch ( accélaration time is configurable). It's great for the organ!
Edition Total effects (10 memory locations).

Vocal harmonizer (compressor, noise gate, because it all at once) with several stamps and styles.

Floppy drive, internal IDE bus, SCSI. Sampling ... I do not know anyone who uses it really (in fact they are dropped on the Tyros) but I tried and it is usable.

There are other features but long to list. Viewpoint features, hard to imagine better ... there is everything in this box!


The basic usage is simple but to go a little in-depth manual is quickly needed. Editing sounds (32 slots users) is either in "basic" mode or "full" is powerful but cumbersome to use. Filters of all types HPF / LPF / BPF, 2 filters per voice (so we can make 24dB/octave), up to 8 (yes!) Voice patch, 3 patches can be superimposed on the right hand, or the keyboard splitter in 2 or 3 zones.
There are Registration Memory (64 banks of 8) that contain all adjustments (arranger, configuraiton pedals, the virtual mixing desk etc.), which makes it great for the stage all that is reached by buttons just above the right hand. It may appoint such registrations as you like, convenient to navigate.

There is also a "song database", which corresponds to registrations (more basic) is a database "+ style sounds," in which one can save configurations arranger and sounds assigned to the keyboard.
Arranger easy to use, you can create your styles. Given all the features of the machine, it's still pretty clear through the many buttons that avoid to go through endless menus.


I have since 2003 (I reviewed this article in September 2008) and I can not get rid of. It is all my concerts! * * It is ultra versatile. We sit and we play, there's sound to suit all tastes, styles are varied (you can find plenty on the net), there are plenty of memory "registration" to store all the settings of each track , convenient to the scene.
It really is a racing machine! The amplified sound is also very well with very good bass and serves me back. Only flaw: it is heavy: 24kg! Need a special flight case. I personally found the keyboard a little soft but good. I like the drum kits (very varied and all pêchus). on the other hand I found the XG sounds a little weak people (but that's probably because unlike the sounds "PSR9000" they have no effect DSP programmed specially for them). Sounds "PSR9000" sound on the other hand very well. It's still a really high-end machine super powerful and versatile with features of madness.