Yamaha PSR-S710
Yamaha PSR-S710

PSR-S710, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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jicébé 03/30/2013

Yamaha PSR-S710 : jicébé's user review


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this keyboard 5 octaves, questions effects, completely full, sounds and styles are fantastic, I have a friend who has a tyros 2, casi is the same thing, ask or they will look so much diff. price!
the tyros two (and not much there aillor with three non plus) course, the vocal harmony (not useful if not sing) it sounds more and more styles (which you can get your psr s 710 on the internet without problem)
I guarantee you that the psr s 710 is a fantastic keyboard, it is in the high end yamaha.
of occas, you can buy it for 850 eur.max in impeccable condition.
it was sold new in 2012 for 1178 eur.
the psr s 910 qlqs more styles and sounds, the display color and vocalise, + mp3
coutait 750EUR and more, the more ..... tyros 2000EUR


very very simple and even easier if you know yamaha!!
the manual is very clear and télécharg.gratuitement (in plus.langues) on the internet
the beast has everything it takes to noon
mixing desk incorp.
outputs midi in / out
Audio in / out
volume pedal or functions diff
sustain pedal or functions diff
socket connection computer.
taking direct internet


useful for a year
I tried roland korg and I liked their sounds and styles, but I did not like their convigurations
8 registrations on several bank and yamaha sound quality, it makes all the difference to face the competition.
I do not want to spend my time reading a fashion jobs, I want to play
I do not want to remember not to forget to push a specific button to have its desired effect or
korg roland in or must push and then ..... and hoopla and storing must go to the number and then push and hoopla .....
on my yamaha psr s 710, you choose, you memorize a registration and you play and you will not break the head is all in a box on one button
each his own!!
if you can buy a psr s 710, make sure you have done a very good buy
in the end it is my opinion .... well you have jicébé.