jicébé 01/26/2014

Yamaha Tyros 3 : jicébé's user review

" TYROS 3 even in 2014 a bomb!"

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Hello everyone, there qlqs month I bought used a tyros 3, this keyboard is fantastic, I have friend who has tyros 4, he was very surprised at the little difference. human voices are the four original worked better, but buying a expansion pack for tyros 3 yamaha quotes on, the result is the same and you can turn your tyros three tyros in four without a problem, plus it is not mandatory because already very complete original nostalgic for Hammond Organ, Wersi (klaus Wuderlicht) is really complete, and all kinds of music! A lot of styles, sounds, songs and multipads are available absolutely free on the internet, just with a USB key. exchanges between pleasure owner of tyros are fantastic on the net.


The hit is very nice, sounds very good sound quality, the color screen is of good size, we can customize, choose the photo of the background and indicated to a message or name to each switch, the configuration is very simple if you know a little yamaha, if not the manual is very well done, I had no problems so far, but hey I'm just doing my small personal registrations in several banks, I memorize, point a line I do not creations of styles and sounds, I think the pros tyros is already very well done like that, and then there was so much in a tyros, what must he added yet!, any how it is intended for those who want is equipped pour.bref me! I turn, I push a button and I play.
the tyros is fulll! noon settings, the effects are almost unlimited, and fittings issues, we are in the pro, at home or on stage, everything is planned!


used for 8 months
negative! ignition button on the back and expansion pack yamaha a little excessive in price
but the quality of styles and sounds in the packs are perfect! purchased once it is registered for life, even if you changed your instrument, or if you changed hartdisk eventually a failure, you can recharged for free but be careful with the serial number of your instrument, or new instrument and yamaha yamaha account in your name, no way to copy usb and think to please a friend who has a tyros, it does not work!
good but again I recall! that's who we really need more, the tyros 3 Original is very comprehensive