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Korg Pa user reviews

  • Korg Pa60

    Korg Pa60 - cabrio's review


    I know how a floppy disk from the pieces with the cres korg pa 60, I can burn a cd without it have breath; I bought a MIDI cable to exit the korg midi into the computer and go the south, but the computer PForm me to be do-sons.peut reconnat pas.j …

  • Korg Pa1XPro

    Korg Pa1XPro - Hybernatus2b's review


    Hi all I have the PA1X Pro and I must say that for me c is the best arranger who is on the market right now! regarding the sounds nothing to say too! except maybe the piano is in my opinion a fair bit against the sax for they are really very very bea…

  • Korg Pa1XPro

    Korg Pa1XPro - nikorg's review


    Arranger keyboard art. It's been a long time I was looking for a machine that can meet both needs in one module. There is the warmth of the sounds (pianos are magical, the breathtaking violin), produce impressive realism means the squeal of fingers…

  • Korg Pa50

    Korg Pa50 - tinours's review


    Many sounds (over 600) all from the synthse HI Korg, one who made the reputable of Triton ... Sounds so good to play in all styles of music, knowing that the PA50 can, like its main ERRF, load sound banks user (128 sounds + 32 drum kits), leaving the…