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All user reviews for the Korg Oasys

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jgomezferreyra's review"Question"

Korg Oasys
Wuauuuuuuuu Hello oh my god friend you've a great Korg Keyboard. What is the price your keyboard? It's great. Can you say me if it's better than the another synthesizer keyboard with piano's keys?. Are there better models than it?. I wait your answer


Wuauuuuuuuu Hello oh my god friend you've a great Korg Keyboard. What is the price your keyboard? It's great. Can you say me if it's better than the another synthesizer keyboard with piano's keys?. Are there better models than it?. I wait your answer


Wuauuuuuuuu Hello oh my god friend you've a great Korg Keyboard. What is the price your keyboard? It's great. Can you say me if it's better than the another synthesizer keyboard with piano's keys?. Are there better models than it?. I wait your answer


Wuauuuuuuuu Hello oh my god friend you've a great Korg Keyboard. What is the price your keyboard? It's great. Can you say me if it's better than the another synthesizer keyboard with piano's keys?. Are there better models than it?. I wait your answer
mr pierre11/25/2012

mr pierre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A wonder!"

Korg Oasys
Keyboard semi-heavy, excellent workmanship and very enjoyable to play.
76-key velocity-sensitive (adjustable) and aftertouch (ID).
Sounds galore! (14 banks of 128 programs and combinations to ID!)
At the factory, all the banks are not "filled".
With additional options syntheses, banks programs are complete on the combinations, in addition to numerous factory, it is easy to create!
EFX 200 / MFX / TFX, everything is editable!
8 sliders, 8 knobs and 16 switches help editing sounds, sequences of Karma .. excellent!
Complete connectivity, whether MIDI, Audio in / out, digital.
3 inputs for pedals, assignable.
Polyphony very comfortable. (Nothing to do with the Triton or Trinity ..!)


The general pattern is clear who is "accustomed" to the philosophy KORG ..!
As for the manual enough to my taste!
KARMA deserved a prominent place ..!
The sound editing is often very simple. Id for effects.
As for Karma, this is where it gets tough ... But trying, trying, etc. .. we manage to good results!


Sounds, overall, conviennet me very well.
Expression and good sound quality, very realistic ..
Then, each creating new EFX with other, modifying the original Karma, etc. ..
Everything is possible!
A bad score for the sounds of "voice" .. very synthetic and NOT real!


Having since 2007, I find it far superior to the following models, which I had in my hands: Triton Pro-76, Trinity 76, XP 80, XP 50 .. E86 ..!
Optional sounds, Karma, effects, removable screen (which has no Kronos ..!), Polyphony, ergonomics and playability are the points that I call positive!
As for the sequencer, very powerful, he sometimes "beuguer" from time to time, especially when you choose "copy from combi" ..!
Must often adjust damper settings and aftertouch, sometimes it expects to record 180 measurements, for example, the sequencer and not recorded as 120 ..!
Price / quality ratio: a bit expensive, of course, especially when you see the price of Kronos (with all sound synthesis and more ..)
Yes, I would do this choice without hesitation!
Mister ludo03/22/2009

Mister ludo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
Characteristics have changed since the last review, I currently use the latter 0S: 1.3.1a

it increases the RAM to 2 gigabytes, compression loss in ex1 and ex2 banks that now can be loaded or unloaded at will once the instrument is turned on (over requires restart)

Karma has been updated to version 2.1, ... Me good I do not yet control, it has been 2 months since I oasys, .. I will publish my opinion in a year.
Version 1.3.1a comes automatically with the following options
>>>>>>>>>>> Edit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 22_03_2009
I bothered to read the tutorial on the key by stephen Karma .. and I become more and more seduced by it, which, if not abused can make games very interesting complex: in fact it serves as my "suggestion boxes ",... well
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of the edit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <

Al1: Analog Modeling (ergonomics more than doubtful, very tedious to program but terrible for analog drums)
Cx3: Modeling Organ (bass impressive, hyper-aliasing low, very convincing)
Str1: physical modeling of percussion instrument (which will be handy: You can do loops, funky ...)

The following instruments are provided only as a demo and are paying:
LAC1: legacy analog collection, famous and MS20 Polysix ... honestly ... they alone are worth the buy oasys
Exs3: wind instruments and breaststroke ... 700 MB of samples, ...
Mod7: the direct competitor of the DX7 ... for fans of FM synthesis

As you can see the oasys with well developed, and is finally worth considering an investment, .. it took 3 years ... but korg got there ;-)


Good to use a point of view, I would say it will take me a little time and a lot of reading to familiarize myself with the ergonomics oasys.
As each complex instrument, it takes some learning curve if you want to make a real interesting work, .. and the oasys is no exception to the rule.

I think I will repeat my opinion, we&#39;re on 21/11/2008

However, a negative point is noteworthy,
I think korg to use ultra bad the touch screen, which is here .. I think more as a marketing tool than a real,
eg you can change any slider on the screen itself, or modify values, or even draw any curve of the finger .. which is a frustrating .. users roland v synth understand what I mean ;-)
that mean for me, there are some improvements that will make korg.

otherwise the menu sounds clear, the screen can be configured as desired, which means that late night .. if like me you have very sensitive eyes, you can adjust so the rest of you ... 1 no less!

The manual ... appointment later .. I still have a few hundred pages to read lol

Regarding editing sounds in general: ok very nice except the little worries stated above (no drag and drop one touch ") but generally we get quickly to the desired parameters .

The overall ergonomics of sampling is ok, but not very clear in comparison with what Roland is capable of, and an instrument of this caliber, .. this is the minimum that could be expected. Eg no self distributions of the samples throughout the range in terms of their original note, ... this is a waste of time.


Good as regards the sounds:

as always it&#39;s very subjective. In general I was not blown away by the sounds, we feel that korg to reuse many sound "conventional".
Even if the rom base is impressive ... I stayed on my hunger.

EDIT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 22_03_2009
In fact I found that all the delicacy of the instruments was staying in the game, let me explain the high sensitivity settings dependent modulation of velocity or relaxation, make that when you take plenty of time to resolve , the sound takes on a life quite interesting and I now find the depth level of a kurzweil in terms of expressiveness especially on solo strings.

To this we must add that the Karma is no exception, it allows for modulation and harmony games quite interesting that literally live your strings, I would have to take the trouble to make small audio examples to better illustrate my point.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End edit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The piano Althoughthe missing character is not that bad, it&#39;s just a little synthetic and it&#39;s true that I much prefer my akai samples that the extension provided by Korg (exs2 == 500 MB of samples piano).
>>>>>>>>>> .<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< EDITION 22/03/2009
after a long work on the curves of EQ responses and I managed to finally hear the piano that I wanted, and I am now completely satisfied with 500 MB of samples piano comes with the oasys, I no longer charge my samples.

This is due largely to the last update of Korg effects presets named according to usage: it is the EQ 4 poles which are work (I put 2 in series with poles Peak at 80 380 and 440 on 3200 and 8800 and the result is a clear and powerful piano gloss and low velocity that retains the character and presence in the bass very noble.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End publishing <<<<<<<<<

However if the ringing sounds of Roma through the oasys is no exception: throw in your own samples, .. and the beast awakes: the amazing power and dynamics of this instrument ... a real safe!

The Polysix is ​​fat at will, the MS20 is shrill and sharp, the CX3 is majestic, the str1 is terrifying to create murky atmosphere is fantastic.

The modulation matrix is ​​really well thought out so that freedom of summons is real and is a plus for his living.

I put nine ... because perfection is impossible


Edit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 22-03-2009 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Korg indeed out of minor upgrades since my last review of -11 to 2008, which suggests that the beast is still evolving.
Otherwise I am more and more fun to work with, I love its power, clarity and finesse: sometimes I really wonder why the previous owner sold it to me, really .. I mounted my overall score at 9 ...
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of the edit <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I bought it used in September 2008, it was all empty, so I reinstalled everything patiently.
I admit I was a little disappointed at first, but I know the feeling of frustration, especially when it comes from a norm or a modular Kurzweil K-series ... where freedom is total.

I think he is above all a true instrument for composition, I just wish that the interface of the sequencer is as austere and not allow a real-time view of the different tracks, a bit like .. in Logic, Cubase, ...

the sound is its main asset is the reason I keep it. the possibilities are very extensive and good advantage that it is an "open" system, suggesting improvements from korg. Time will tell if I had reason to be patient and study in more detail this little gem ... in a year

Jo.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
A large workstation all-in-one, nothing special to add in relation to other opinion except that it is very comprehensive.


Despite the manual in English and from the Triton Extreme, I had absolutely no trouble familiarizing myself with the machine, everything is intuitive and is simpler to use than Triton thanks to the tabs for easy navigation.


The sound is warm, very dynamic, I do not understand people who did not differentiate between the sounds of the Triton and those of the Oasys, it still has nothing to do, it's much more end I think.


I am on it for 24 hours only and that's it, I used the normal way without getting lost. There's just karma that is new to me but if that's the arpeggiator Tritons, well I would use it.

No regrets for making this big investment, I went for years with her.
pulpo delux04/11/2007

pulpo delux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
The heavy hit is very effective, we regret that vélocitée Always be coded 7 bit values ​​on the 127 had their day ... with 4 layers of samples per oscillator, we begin to need more finesse (some sounds)
As standard, the machine can load the EX1 and EX2 simultaneously, add the ram ... scandalous for a machine this expensive ...
The CMT is optional: $ 250, it does come in demo for purchase.
This would suggest that all future options will be paying ...
The mind boggles!
Once digested the pill, we can only note that the features of this synth are reassuring PLETOR .. you tell me ..
DTD, vocoder, analog virtual modeling, rom, ram, fx, sampling, sequencer, wavetable,
karma .... etc. .. all usable? I would say yes, and more .. nothing gadjet, and by combining the block .. it's quickly damage


The depth of programing is abysmal!
The screenshot touch is a real plus.
Bone is logical and clair.C is a work of kif on it.


The sound of the machine has no equivalent in rompleurs even in kurzweil .., 24 bit audio engine is phenomenal, the sound is solid, warm, thick, very large ... we are very far from the newt, with its high and medium pinched almost no real low, it is more in the spirit Emulator III or IV, the big potato in the top and bottom of the audio spectrum, I am truly amazed .. the sound is not crushed, he is breathing but compact ..
The part of the sampler synth sounds to death, it gives all its interest in this machine samplent but for those who do not support workstations.


I see this machine as the bridge between two worlds, that of high-end samplers with a great sound but fastidueux and daunting to program, but pro, and the "consumer" of pre-chewed workstations, ready to eat, which for 2500 Euro gives you a box full, or first, to almost double, offers you an empty box (but always with the sound and possibilities that go with it ...).
I think this instrument is the only one to combine in one the characteristics of these two worlds, opportunities for hallucination.

Sweatsong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
The touch screen is nice and trs still useful. the recorder, the audio inputs with the 48volt and any interface on top of the unit (pads, tape, joystick, etc!) make this machine a rather effective tool.


Standard manual but in English! .
Karma is the system difficult to use trs. like the synth karma, this system requires a large dose of patience and mastery of English.
there are plenty of guys who prtendent master it but rather use it as a super newt. the concept is truly innovative and potential crativit infinity. but only the inventor (Steven Kay), is able to explain things in depth to allow to enter the heart of the beast. there are some explanatory video on its site but does not track that trs.
for the rest. It is like a Triton, with of course some advantages.
the squenceur (TOC PM) is a shame on a machine in this range. I did not expect to find one in cubase but still the same!! those who like me have a long experience on the type tnor will find it difficult to walk Rear ... the keyboard is great my taste. touch is a synth but it is enjoyable trs. to a program or a combination is not really difficult, but it is not intuitive trs. we always lose a little time searching how to change this parameter or modified this behavior ... I am not a fan of the ergonomics.


Combi presets are oriented rather poprock and I find the whole, musically and trs inintressants uninspiring! I have great difficulty from zero-to composer.encore more when I know little about the machine! standard handicap for me!

sounds are a little better than a triton, and more favoriss the karma system. the drums / percussions are really good and the other families of sound, everything is usable.
section is done for effect and really works


I've had two months. I think it's a beautiful machine. but its ergonomics does not really suits me! I had the same exprience with karma, but because the concept has amlior t, I thought I could get out quickly ... it's true that we can have fun tr s fast with preset combi thanks to pads and the rest of the interface is really idalie!
but I think this machine is not adapted to work my fawn the composition.
I do not handling the pianist so squenceur and sounds must be super intuitive so as not to Interfrance in procssus of Fast Fashion. I can not do anything but change (a little ...) the preset and do express it. and then the karma system refuses to reveal its secrets to me without the mastery of the English language seem difficult to access. I possde an EMX-1 Electribe Korg home. it is not comparable in terms of possibility but I composed the 3rd day with ds, I have sold a regret that I RM1X YAMAHA APRS feat two weeks of work. I took the place, a roland mc909 home. Once again it is not the same range of tools that Oasys, but I do many things with enough rapidement.j 've used a lot of soft PC or MAC with varying degrees of r SUCCESS but LJE'm stuck. I bought this synth to do all the work, research, burning sound, in the same machine.
for now is not your exact trs encouraging. I am for all these reasons one of the first sell the Oasys! despite all, a GNER does not compltement me to keep;
magnto is a 16-track audio and MIDI, with a Triton amlior burner and big hard drive, a sampler of all a good karma around the system in full volution.mais lessee if I find it will not regret!

Babord's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
Superb finish, printing large solids justifies large color touch screen makes all the handling ease. Many Controller reliable and fun.


A simple synth take over as perfectly rvle pens but the power of potential that ds is the time to apply. The manual in French (270 pages) explains clearly the need to carry out its projects. A pav 1000 pages in English can delve into more complex manipulations facilitated by many copies of guts.


Sounds are die for! Rich, fat, thin, Varis, we can not pass ct.
The evolutive aspect of the Oasys can include new progs, new modules synthse the future.
I have a preferences for fltes, warm and dlicates.


Oasys I play on 88 for two months. I love the keyboard heavy progressive trs read the screen, the concept all-in-one, the reliability (it is a linux OS), strength, power and Accessibility assistive sounds.
It is a non-standard instrument. The price consquence.
With exprience, I repeat the same choice without hsiter because I have no major complaint do, except may be the edition mode squenceur: I'd like a next implementation date of the OS includes a prsentation type "music is" to make editing.
I thought it n'tait not a synth for me, and the APRS I started trying budgtiser ... sr well, made a short, but what happiness as easily concrtiser what was at the top!

cmdm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
Unlike what I read in the notices (some did not try to be sure it is a true !!!!), workstation!
everything is there and despite some restrictions (eg the 24/96 away) is really a super BCAN.


Excellent, easy, fast, who do not bugg, although (again) the Anneres I've read (including version 88)
usable without manual


I had one of the first Karma, and I can confirm here that this is a karma meiux (this section) I was able to repeat the same patches without any problems ;-)
much more powerful and taking into account the criticisms against the formulas Karma


BCAN gniale as one meets every 8 / 10 years

guerinlo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
Cacactéristiques unusual


Simpler than all the other workstations


Quality professional studio


Excellent machine that is aimed at a very demanding and that surpasses what is on the market.

psykomantis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Oasys
Jai triton extreme and a table D32XD. with other home studio gear.
jai tried Bécanne! this is madness! but one thing is clear: as soon as jai finished recording my album, and the extreme trton D32XD will jump! it on his!
jme given 5 months to get it if God wants!
for those who hesitate, I would say go for it if you can afford!! is the bomb !!!!!!!!!!
arrrrrrrrggg!! just great.



Tro simple !!!!!!!!! OF USE are no more effective !!!!!!!!!





korg c super jtire my hat