AlexPalmito 08/05/2008

Audio-Technica AT4050 : AlexPalmito's user review


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I had always heard good this microphone, so I craqu away when I saw the crazy price at which it is found on ebay nine to us at the moment (even with 77 euros in taxes! Is say!)
I really qu'aujourdhui test and I am not disappointed!
as I like: Introduced, hot, dfini, deep, saturated and never more beautiful it is !!
today I recorded a soul singer and I have not had a voice equalizer! I believe that AC had never happened to me!
Everything is serious in this mic and inspires confidence, switches, suspension (available, not like in some !!)
what I like most is the sound (the rest we do not care a bit, right?)
what I like least ... uh ...? the French customs !! (77 euros !! 500 !! bullets for something and some 200 euros !! ca ca 19.6 not !!) to nitpick: to plug it's super hard, and to exit the XLR is a Horror !! it looks like my XLR are too big !! Finally, we all know that it's going to last but it's really the galley!
The price quality ratio is amazing at the moment (thank you and thank you ebay the course $!) I still take one (or two) by not long !!
ca responds to the last question: I repeat that choice, not once !!