LPA94 04/18/2009

Audio-Technica AT4050 : LPA94's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Hi All,



I put 8 because I think the suspension is not practical (it takes Russia is blocking the microphone between two elastic, it works ok but not easy to install).


I for 1 month. This microphone is incredibly neutral and natural. It is balanced and low trs, trs felt. We can send him in the face Dcibel carefree cash it perfectly!
It is not as versatile microphone as you might think: his lack of color makes it sometimes default. For example, before a guitar amp it is sorely lacking in personality. However if you want to capture a voice without artifice, I heartily recommend.

Its three polarity and its low cut (80Hz) and attnuateur: trs practices!
However attention to the change of polarity: Make sure you lower the gain and cut his prampli 48V. Indeed, any change to the volegnre tensions abroad (trs frquences powerful bass). Or is my microphone dfectueux? ? ?

I command the US Obviously, it's so beneficial. So, good value qualitprix trs. It is a micro possder in its fleet.

For a budget a little tight so I would do without this choice hsiter! It is a micro trs pro who has a more somber look trs class (ok, it is not but it was for the little more).

EDIT 25/03/2009: In fact, the neutrality of the microphone me drang in the first months of use. Indeed, it is often trs ncessaire to color it with a micro EQ prpar carefully: do not much but it is essential (I think such a small bump in the mediums of 2 or 3 dB that quite often I add). Once one has understood, we get about the results of this micro really excellent for the price!

EDIT 03/07/2009: Other expriences enrich my opinion on the microphone: trs good for percussion as well as sound effects (probably its neutrality). A little deaf, but it is true we can dboucher with a quality EQ. Systmatiquement I use my light amplification gain Station to make it shine a little more and give the characters. The voice has a ct old school which can be nice, however, we find much better for the same price (maybe be a AKG C214?).