froidurematinale 11/11/2010

Audio-Technica AT4050 : froidurematinale's user review


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Versatile condenser microphone. We can say that it is a substitute for the AKG 414.
Microphone fairly neutral, which can collect high sound pressures, so no problem for the snare and bass drum (and other powerful sources).


I use it for a year in various configurations, overhead, singing microphone (depending on stamps of votes), making ambient sound, and other applications.

I tested others such as TLM103 microphones before, and I prefer the versatility of AT4050.

The suspension is heavy, with good elastic and the microphone is held by rubber bands, and not a clamp, which filter even better.

For its price, this microphone is an affordable luxury.

I could buy another couple of these mics, but I'd like to diversify the sound colors in my micro park by buying other microphones.