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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Audio-Technica AT4033

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fjohn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audio-Technica AT4033
Japanese Small-diaphragm condenser microphone, known to be the first correct static produt affordable. He has a reputation for audio technica and remains quite side, given the price in time. I had heard some buzz in the grave ..

The clip is a model in the lousy kind. We never know when the microphone is properly or it is difficult to implement, difficult to remove. The elastic marks the microphone if you leave it in place. Compare with the AKG C214 or a snap is removed and hands the microphone, day and night. The C214 keeps going no trace of the clip, the quality of the painting there may be no stranger.

If you are wondering what is the difference with asm version, answer: the clip is provided in asm version. Finally, avoid asm version ^ ^.


I used it three months initially, after I switched on with my other micro preferred.

I / I of tLM49 Neumann, Rode of NT3, the sm57/beta57/58, C214, Royer 121 ...

What I like most? Uh not much to be honest, I had bought for its reputation for transparency. After comparing this experience and my opinion (which is only my opinion):

. Not that is transparent is that it has no grain. The sound is clear, straight, but narrow. It's downright lack of size, roundness. Certainly there is the presence, but what a drought in some cons. It's probably also because it is not a large membrane.

. This is not necessarily a bad microphone in its price range, it is not so bad, do not expect miracles, especially for male voices and guitars or taken down medium sorely missed (I repeat, this is not his forte).

. If it all over again, I will not take the microphone for the same budjet, I look for a used C414 around 500 euros (there are many) that has a much better sound, which gives for 100 euros more than nine of the price of ATM much more directional, so of possibility.

For me it's a good mic at all good for nothing, who does not really in any field without being really bad either. I prefer pickups with a signature sound, which will be at least good in one area.

You have some samples that I made here, to get an idea: