Behringer B-2 Pro
Behringer B-2 Pro
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Behringer B-2 Pro

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 51 reviews )
 19 reviews37 %
 15 reviews29 %
 11 reviews22 %
 1 user review2 %
 2 reviews4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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AlanForPresident's review"Affordable, but does need some work"

Behringer B-2 Pro
The Beyer B2 Pro is a dual diaphragm condenser microphone and is one of the cheapest priced microphones that will get you a good sound no matter if you use it for vocals or for instruments. It is a pretty versatile microphone, it is a condenser so it will require a 48 V phantom power to work, unlike the other Beyer microphone that is dynamic and doesn’t require you to have phantom power. It is shock mounted and has a pressure gradient transducer. It has a great transparent sound, the sound is actually better a few of the other Beyer microphones that cost almost twice as much. When choosing a condenser microphone it will come down to exactly what you want to use it for. All condenser microphones are better in some areas and not so good in others. This microphone can be used for live vocals, but I didn’t like the way it sounded when used for live instruments. When using the Beyer B2 Pro for live instruments in a live setting, the quality of the instruments wasn’t not too good. For live instruments I suggest using in a studio setting with proper room acoustics in order to get the best sound. You will not need room acoustics for your vocals though, you will be ok with just a regular room set up as your vocals aren’t too punchy like instruments are.


The quality of sound with the Beyer B2 Pro is about what you would expect to get out of a microphone in this price range. Maybe it is a little better than other microphones that are in this price range, but it is no where near where I wanted it to be. I had to invest more money for a versatile microphone that could work great in live and recording settings with vocals and with several instruments. My search for the perfect all around affordable microphone didn’t stop with the Beyer B2 Pro. I have used this microphone off and on for about 2 years before getting rid of it. It did serve its purpose while using it though.

Anonymous 's review"Behringer reaches a bit too high with the B-2 Pro"

Behringer B-2 Pro
*Microphones are very subjective. Some microphones that work for some brilliantly may be disastrous on others. It is therefore important to understand the context in which this review is written and take it with a grain of salt, like all reviews on microphones should be treated.*

The Behringer B-2 Pro is a large diaphragm multi pattern studio condenser, and where Behringer's budget model of selling their microphones screeches to a resounding halt.

It is not that the B-2 Pro is a terrible microphone; it's quite usable, and has very acceptable specs. First off, it is multi pattern, with the pickups switchable between cardioid, figure 8, and omnidirectional. It has a standard frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz, a self noise that varies minimally (based on the pickup pattern you're using at the time) around 17 dB and a signal to noise ratio that again, varies a bit around 77 dB. This makes the Behringer B-2 Pro absolutely acceptable spec wise. It also includes the 10 dB pad and the low frequency roll off.

On a less essential note, Behringer generously includes a shockmount, a windscreen, and a nice flight case to put the entire package in for transport and storage. Not to mention, the Behringer B-2 Pro actually looks quite nice. The problem lies in the sound of the microphone:

It suffers from that high frequency exaggeration that plagues most budget microphones, and while I may forgive Behringer for doing this to their very cheap microphones, the B-2 Pro has crossed the line into the territory of microphones that do not do this to the sound.


There, quite simply, is no reason to buy the Behringer B-2 Pro, unless you love the sound of the low end microphones. Anyone can criticize me by saying that it's the person, not the gear, that counts, but when it comes to the Behringer B-2 Pro, I can completely agree with them (I do, anyway) and still drive them away from the B-2 Pro. You can find a bunch of microphones at this price, but if you're about to "settle" on the B-2 Pro, stop. Take a look around. There are a few magical microphones hovering around the B-2's price that outshine it in sound quality, and yes, even features.

liguane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not bad"

Behringer B-2 Pro
the characteristics are everywhere so ...


It's been 11 years now that I use .. so reliable!
Before buying no, I started with that one ...
It is not bad for vocals and acoustic guitars simply taking
Not good at all on percussion and brass ... but it is not made for that
It allows frankly do work quite right ... it has its place in a micro park ...
After that is a microphone input range so do not expect miracles!
I would rather personal to the Blue Spark now that I find much more interesting ... but it's a matter of taste!
In any case it is reliable, good sound ... here!

accroduson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Behringer B-2 Pro
- Micro dual diaphragm condenser
- Variable Directivity
- Low Cut Filter
- Attenuator 10dB
- Suspension, windscreen and aluminum case included


Its been 2 years casi I use

This is my first condenser microphone, before I was taken out of a shure sm58 that I plugged directly in mA creative soundblaster PCI. It is only on its first static we always do WHOA! The sound is clean, there is a presence that changes us from our old mics with 2 balls. I bought it with a mic preamp to the lamp 200 of the same brand, this one gives a little more character to the microphone.

What I like the + is its look that pro: D. The three directional. The sound is not bad, you have to mix a little tweaking to get something better.

I love it - it's lack of low frequencies and the tamper to mix to insert it into the musical space side.

For the price it's going, but with the experience I would take another micro

Cimerian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Happening everywhere - Reliable"

Behringer B-2 Pro
Faintly budget


6 years, no failure or click or plop!

Yes I know other mics ...

Bump in the 6 pound, a little metal!

With a tight budget so

Finally a micro very correct, reliable (for me)

lauke_lux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reasonable price"

Behringer B-2 Pro
Capacitor, cardoide & bi-cardoide. Comes delivered in a briefcase and Support "suspended".
I only qq recordings, including listenable / laukelux ("Step it Up & Go" home and "Higher Ground" by repeating with friends, but I'm not sorry Johnny ... ;-) )), Quartz Audiomaster recordings directly via a small mixer into the PC sound card without any addition, except for the grate of a live amp Digitech 2101LE for Step it Up & Go That amateurism !
This mic is a little fat in the midrange and not really 100% linear, but for rock, blues, jazz a little crazy to take an amp or grate is widely enough I think. Now I am far from being a pro and a recording studio I guess it is not satisfactory to take voice and then treat it, too colorful. But hey, for that price I consider it a very good buy.


Used since 2003 (with intervals of 1-2 years graaaandes)
I have tried no other model before. Our drummer has a studio (studiounderground Larrazet) with Neumann & AKG condenser, and qd is even something else!
Special: For the price difference of a micro classical vav is striking and absolutely interesting
Value / Price flawless for me. If it again I will not take over vocal mic, because it helps me too little now, or I will take one or SMXX Zennheiser standard (not condenser) for more practical to implement everywhere.

onelittlejog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" everybody makes mistakes ..:)"

Behringer B-2 Pro
delivered in a nice briefcase huhuhu
I transferred all foams maintenent is valid contains the B2 pro, and the SM57 and SM58


My first microphone to record modest models ...

fabrice.fargues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer B-2 Pro
Multiple static directivity (cardio, omni, 8)
And low cut 10dB attnuateur
Comes with suitcase bonette, micro attachment


I possde 2 (as Dad ...) and I t seduced by srieux manufacturing, ease of handling and price ... ... .dropoff window
I use it for recording vocals or its precision is correct, trsdfini at the top of the spectrum for voice without fminines be aggressive (a plus for me ...) although mediums have a little "hard", it respects the depth of the bass voice, although lack of "warmth", a good Pramp offset somewhat ....
When used on acoustic instruments, I t pleasantly surprised by the respect of rich and complex stamps as a clarinet or flute traversire for example, but in making "semi proximity "otherwise its high slightly forward spring. This cash without flinching the power of a trombone or trumpet, it goes everywhere .... It's good for its low price as a budget point of view, it is the gateway to all the world ...
It is certainly not a Neumann U87, I am a huge fan, he has not the precision, the heat, but the price-quality ratio is very interesting, even in Rode in Stagg, AKG and consort in this price range .....

To sum up the +:

- Complete accessories supplied
- Directivits Choice
- Micro "go anywhere"
- Report qualitprix interesting
- The sound is clean

the -:
- Medium a little "hard"
- Top of the spectrum too forward
- Lacks a bit of roundness, warmth
Nevertheless it makes me great service, after 4 years, I was never permit tomb (no faults) and working a little correction taking, putting him a good Pramp, we get satisfactory RESULTS but do not ask him to galer M149, even when there is a world between the two .... It is very well to learn and understand the possibilities s multiple takes (directivity ...), placement, all without breaking the bank ... The high end will come in time ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer B-2 Pro
Everything has been said.


Good mic for beginners but professionals and amateurs go your way!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer B-2 Pro
I m was used primarily for voice and taken once or 2 catches Guittar acoustic


How long have you use it?

2 years

What is so special that you like most and least?

the +

it has the look of a pro

the -

sound for vocals, it has a hump in the upper medium I find,
very unpleasant voices of men, and - annoying on voice woman
it's a real nightmare for the mix

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

j got 5 mics in the whole mythical sm 58, Behringer b1,
the audio Tecknik 4033 and now a studio projects B1MK2
among all my choice is totally relate to the studio projects B1MK2
How would you rate the quality / price

not too bad to start

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

now not
not terible voice for rap
as I have said to begin well c
even if for - much you can do better