Blue Microphones Dragonfly
Blue Microphones Dragonfly
thewindwaker 04/06/2014

Blue Microphones Dragonfly : thewindwaker's user review


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- A large diaphragm condenser microphone (taken voice, instrument, mood, overhead, acoustic guitar is a little while ...)


I use it for several months, tested on Vocals, acoustic guitar and overhead, passed in the Neve 1073 preamp Ruper Neve Portico, API 512 and Avalon M5. it is very good on absolutely everything the preamps.
very good on the voice (I think it's a very U.S.) with a nice medium high very much present.
I ended up buying a pair for overhead. and stereo taken. for singing I prefer the Kiwi in blue too.

Before I tested: Neumann TLM127, Blue Kiwi, C414B, TLM 103, AT4040, Brauner Phantom and many more ...

In summary, this is an excellent microphone good on almost everything (I have not tested on saturated guitar amp because I use Royer that seem irreplaceable for this job) on vocals is a very good sort of C414 prettier and sleeker