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All user reviews of 5/5 for the The T.bone SC400

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danardf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Huge for the price."

The T.bone SC400
What kind of microphone?
Mixed use.

What technology?
Wide diaphragm condenser microphone.
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Requires 48V phantom power
100Hz low-cut
20Hz - 20KHz


How long have you use it?
April 2013

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, I had SM58

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Not yet found.

How would you rate the quality / price?
Very very good.
At that price ... as do we risk?

With experience, you do again this choice?
Yes, without hesitation.

lapiculteur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
I've had it three months.
I also tried a Shure 300 euro's all
what I like is that it is a micro exellent for the price I have not tried that on voice, spoken or sung, and it is really great. of course there are better but for the price, it's champion!
before the sound card, I have a tube preamp art nickel.je 38 euros and it intends to change the lamp for a little more heat.
The report will money; Thomann 58.00 euros with the pop up is the top. to be honest, I had to 150.00 euros with the microphone, pop up, preamp, the foot and external sound card swissonic which also is great and Jack's qualitée.avec of this, I have a small studio enough for me. course is quality amateur but I promise you that it still does.
with experience. bin to be honest right now I buy a t bone sct 700 to light that I intend to change thanks to the great explanation of the topic on this site for a good tube microphone.
oh did about the SC 400 I bought a second-hand or I just needed to tighten the capsule so I remake the experience of that choice issue as stated.

yves123's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
You are already aware ...


Use today for the first time.
It is small, but size has never been quality. Button included in the body of the microphone is not very accessible, but it seems that I never use. Too bad a hard plastic box is not included, it would have been the top. Just a leatherette kit (Shure way). So nothing to lug around the frame ...
Tried a Rode (the NT1 I think, not sure). Apart from the size and finish not hear any difference really noticeable.
Incredible value for money. I'm not sure what brings more in terms of quality of the SC450 and SC600 else (apart from the button more accessible, and the multiple directional). No breath, his voice neutral (that's good is what I want), not especially wheezing. A small flat on the finish: painting the body and the grid is not nickel: it shows that it is fast and "cheap". But it is detail, and for the price ...
I would do this chosen without hesitation, especially as I think of the group records with a couple of microphones for stereo

Ramses28's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
What type of microphone? Static transistor.
What technology? Capacitor.


Good j'viens just received it, so I had a few hours to test it on acoustic guitars and voices. First impression: amazed !!! This mic sounds more than good, considering the price j'pense that there is not even hesitate. Well I've never tested neumann for example, but I find the sound of this micro ultra natural. I made the sound of a rock band in early with an electro-harmonix at 300 €, not j'trouve bluntly worse sound. Good certe a little more heat as people say, but it removes the natural side of her I think. While on the transplanted grat amps, but I find shit on vocals.

So result is better save € 250 and get a € 58 sc400 in toto!

Really 10/10 because at this price j'pense we can not do better.

igorkroutchouk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
What kind of microphone? Transistor condenser microphone
What technology? Capacitor


I use it for a month now, and I am satisfied with TRS. I used the amp for transplant, to record an acoustic guitar, made to make voice and made snare. The quality of sound is surprising for a microphone that price, I did not tell him yet to find faults. I got it for 59 euros with the elastic suspension and pop filter (both trs good quality!) Thomann: report qualitprix unbeatable. If I had the same little prs budget, I think I'll try a micro of the same brand, but a little more expensive. I put 10/10 as this mic is really impressive for its price!

Bstring's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400



Button has the 125Hz for indoor shot - easily accessible.

It's a real gift!

madame-est-trop-bonne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
See opinion this desssous

one small small small problem for the one directional ...


I use it for 3 weeks
I like the neutral sound that comes out, it looks "Neuman U87", solid suspension and surout its price!
this is my first microphone of its kind and I must admit that I was very surprised
I think it is one of the best value for money to get started with these mics, and I Refer this choice if I needed a second!

zotri's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
The SC400 is a transistor condenser microphone, hypercardioid.

I use it to catch voice, acoustic guitar, amp and transplanted ... tambourine.

I would not put a note in it is a condenser microphone which ^ ^

Oh look, if I have to note. Bon bah I put the same notes that while overall opinion.


- I use it for several months. Gender, uh ... 8 months.

I am not in trs cal condenser microphone. I often use the SM 58, 57 less often, least often stuff that I know how a name is not even in any case everything is dynamic microphones.
And I use it with the card M-Audio Solo, so that the pramp gnial must not be, but I know anything about that kind of stuff. Brefle.

Ngatifs points first:
- It's probably more pramp the microphone, but saturates quickly. With the same level as a minimum on the card, the microphone saturates every stroke of the drum, and I have to my place quite far from it. However, even if a sometimes saturates the rcoute was no big CLIC and it coutable.
Fortunately this problem does not appear for the taking of other instruments.
So for the guitar (electric or acoustic) no such problem as it is for voice and rgl (knowing that I do not even anti-pop - I m make it a with bits of sticky), it must grate distance mouth / microphone according to the song (mine is not homogne, sometimes I cry sometimes it's normal, and often when I cries without a few m'loigner centimtres a saturated).
As you will understand I am not a pro veneer condenser microphone (although the tutorial site that made me express neat stuff) and another default that I will give the microphone is little lack of bass. It's still "touch" with EQ.
Finally, there is a low-cut indoor the microphone (you must dvisser the chassis to enable it), and I find it a little pointless. M'enfin.

- First course: THE PRICE.
Deuxime in place despite my lack of experience: the limpid clarity of the sound.
The microphone does not breath even with a big win, the clamp holds it (I read below the micro slip but ... well not: p)
Trs plugs are used, the sound for the voice is really good trs. Like McDonald's, "I'm loving it" ^ ^
As it is a condenser microphone, you have to place the microphone for sound cool on an acoustic amp for the transplanted. Anyway today, I always t satisfied with the sc400. And even better: ds I find that the sound does not have enough scale, I use a compressor VST good quality and it's magic. I just do not need a better sound. Hallelujah sc400. And I never n'exagre.

With exprience ... Difficult to say. There's lots of static cheap and I know none, except this one now. But must say that, even among the lowest prices, a static 59 it's hard to find.
So in conclusion, with the exprience, well ... I have enough for our answer.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
This is a first review "Out of the Box", so as not to forget my impressions premires!
I will return qd I will have better test.

so ...
1) it is very small, very cute but very small. nothing do with the copies of U87 usual. it is 16 cm high and 4cm in diameter!
(Yes. .. when you compare your naked! ... Was not very big! ... Especially for a micro black ;-) ! ...).
dsol ...

2) it stinks!
he feels the typical product of Chinese flea market hub (like the plastic flashlights!).
he besion to grind, even if only to eliminate its various solvents! ...

3) it is pretty well finished, a nice black and srieux with srigraphies dores discrtes which are not cheap.
more beautiful than the picture (of aillor it looks better from the front).

4) it comes complete in a small cardboard box containing the microphone, his imitation leather cover, an adapter nut and suspension.

5) the suspension is good (we will use if it is solid). its gains are elastic tissue. this is very well. some brands do not and that's unfortunate. soon as the qd qt elastic micro earth not fall!
however the suspension is adjustable every type of microphone (type U87), handy if you have multiple mics like me, some without suspension ... but that with this small mic ... is a well ... but if you pull on the wire (or if your cable is very very heavy!) Gently slide the microphone!
That said, we do not care. if you're scared, you put a small black elastic around the microphone above the suspension, as a safeguard!

5) for now and for the price, overall good impression.


He walks.
I vrifi.
No problem.
Some bass and treble and mdiums! ...
tonnament and a good level of output ...
on the ridges violent voice is a little "hard" on an acoustic guitar, mandolin or dulcimer, trs is amazing, better than other much more expensive stuff! ...
it is cardioid only, no pad or low cut. in fact it home in a low cut 6db of 100 hz.

Now, given the conditions under which branch I'll wait I rode it, he breathes and I really test it before saying sth ;-)

and then, just something ... a static is used with a windscreen.
before saying a microphone has a little hiss or priest, vrifions it is used with a real antipop two sails.
you never know ...

on this, more!

... APRS few hours, I post this notice in the thread ddi comparison to sc 300:

I did a comparison test trs home studio with microphones of comparable prices now (not quite ... but say "cheap").

the sc400 59 euros, included suspension
the Oktava mk319, 139 euros excluding suspension
and rode NT2 150-200 euros okaz qd was bcp bowl! suspension but understood.

config home stud: Layla 20 bit, mx 8000 Behri to have all the same prampli (uncorrected), all facing in one take me voice speaks, sings, whispers, coughs ... 40 cm without antipop, mac not isolated (cabin insulation open), cubase, BM15A is costing right.

All the same output level prs little (maybe a little less Oktava).

t-bone quality of trs thundering weaker but serious (there cutting down a 100 hz 6db in original), more than the Oktava dtaill in the treble, no staining particulire , no breath, may be lacking a little character, supporting the vicinity less than the other two without antipop (Bloum in plosives lgres same low, but unless a Oktava bcp MK012! ...).
it will still see qd rod.

Oktava not sharp, it looks like a dynamic (almost), no breath (or some trs), very nice low, seems the most natural of the three, no sound of a tube as is often done with this microphone a little mdium proximity in the rendering, but nice

rode, the more sensitive, many dtails in the high but comes down a little lower than the same qd t-bone, very pleasant and flattering but transplanted bcp noise studio (and seems a low blow by itself, too), gives an effect of proximity organic but seems less natural than the Oktava (and is, despite what they say, more acute than the Chinese), microphone with its sensitivity more important is a first prize in the range "neumann and company" as the top of the range below

in total, one that has the least dfauts apparent is the t-bone. for its price it is awesome and it is happening everywhere. it is less vivid and less nanmoins dtaill a rode, but rode a little breath and "dtail" may be a handicap (seems as if it has disappeared from the Deutsche licatement heating and in a pice dshumidifie!). bcp is more all terrain than Oktava, but the Oktava dgage a natural feeling pretty impressive if you're looking for high fidlit (up quite a bit 8khz taking) or enough cevante if we try to give an impression of "modern studio quality"!

plain: I put the rode on a soft voice, which seeks its sduire organicit dtail and loaded in a mix but not on an acoustic guitar,

I put the t-bone on an acoustic guitar in the plaant well and a voice that wants dtail (which kind of serious too) in a mix o his breath and lack of sensitivity to noise home-stud is more, the tone color of t-bone is somewhat midway between the other two (and more lurks close)

I put the Oktava qd I want the 40 cm or natural sound coldplay rock / tom waits in proximity with a nice low, I sometimes tinker the qualo qd must if I want to give the "pep".

honntement they are complementary and trs for correct prices drisoires.
we have so spoken ill of Chinese that I am pleasantly surprised by this t-bone 400 francs, cover and hanger included. (That said, I wonder if it is not more than a static one lectret true ... how you will age-NAME).
I tend prfrer nanmoins the rode (but has inconvnients) or the Oktava (but it has gaps) that are more "marqus" but I have to r listens and lets the brid is dbrider a little!

That said, the diffrences between them are subtle and it is impossible to imagine in a quality three times that price is only 10 years.


the druid.

ps: I have just taken the instrument string guitars, with the t-bone.
it's really not bad at all on this one l (l has just buried the issue Oktava "natural").

résumé in the end, and compared to the price more expensive stuff, it's really not bad at all! ...

hexalto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone SC400
Already detailed below. I do not the remake.


For more than six months. I had a succession Samson C01 (gadget), an Oktava MK319 (never managed to draw the very substance) and the T-Bone SC400.
Considering the price, the quality is unbeatable. The votes are taken rather clear and balanced if you equip it with a pop filter. Obviously, the management of distance mouth / micro cotton is a bit to adjust (it saturates quickly) but I guess the pre-amplification for many plays (in this case the Behringer UB802 mixer for me, it does better side amplification micro ...).
A € 59 with our friends Teutons, no reason to deprive yourself. Unless you prefer the SC450 or SC600 that look really good too.
Of course, this is not a Neumann U47, but the price is 10 times lower as well. So in quality / price ratio, for home-studio demos and unpretentious, a great choice.