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Dune Lighting Lasers user reviews

  • Dune Lighting 70173 Graphic Green

    Dune Lighting 70173 Graphic Green - chte2b's review


    I am already owner of a frog 3 watts. and try some laser at different evenings. after testing the logo contest 80 (given for 80 mw to 130 mw measure but even my opinion), I propose to compare it with the green laser dune graphic gives to 100mw. …

  • Dune Lighting SPARK 30

    Dune Lighting SPARK 30 - bizih's review


    30mW green laser, musical fashion, auto and DMX. Good design, well Designed, simple and small, really nice. he thirty figures: round, square bar ... very good intensity for a 30mW, net beam, very little flicker. I recommend it to all, for ve…

  • Dune Lighting Triple D

    Dune Lighting Triple D - Popelier's review


    I received it yesterday ... It did not work ... (Problem with a mirror, it seems to me that "walking" in the case.) Back to the dealer in exchange for another. I just received the second. Down again! Incredible ... Bad run? Always the problem o…

  • Dune Lighting Crazy-7

    Dune Lighting Crazy-7 - chte2b's review


    I use the weekend for an evening of one hundred people ... I have a frog 3watts, but too powerful for the place. so I rented the beast .... and I expected the worst advice read through it and said about the small laser powers. First of all, I was…

  • Dune Lighting Triple D

    Dune Lighting Triple D - burttox's review


    Good laser 3 color (mixture of 2 gives a third ...) Dmx can Product puisssant well compared to some starway or mac mah best price on the net: …