Stagg SW203CETU LH
Stagg SW203CETU LH

SW203CETU LH, Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Stagg in the 203 series.

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Tip: Tuning and Sound Improvements

By SouthpawDude on 09/29/2013 - (Anyone)

I bought a used SW203CETU LH with a case for $100. I planned to use it for a "beater" guitar to take anywhere and not have to worry about it getting damaged or stolen. I think it is a nice looking guitar since lefties do not have much to choose from as far as colors for under $500 unless all you want is natural.

The action was high and it sounded muffled acoustically. I changed to a Tusq nut and saddle with some ebony bridge pins along with some Martin MSP3100 SP 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings (.012-.054 Light). Those changes really brought the sound to life and cleared up the highs. The on board B-Band tuner was a little flat, so I tuned it with a Snark clip on tuner. The overall sound then improved even more.

When plugged in, the E & B strings were not as loud as the wound strings. I found the bottom of the slot in the bridge was not cut quite long enough for one end of the saddle to sit directly on the pickup. I used a router to correct this problem when I was installing the new saddle.

So for an additional $50 and a couple hours of your time you can transform one of these entry level guitars into a very respectful sounding and nice looking lefty A/E guitar. The part numbers for the nut and saddle are:  PQ-6116-L0 nut; PQ-9280-L0 saddle.

Good Luck....and enjoy the difference.