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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Standard LH

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
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marcel cerdan05/22/2011

marcel cerdan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference"

Gibson Les Paul Standard LH
USA made, great quality except the height of the frets that hurts your fingers ..... then editing a luthier


The handle is easy, no Woodman, the guitar is heavy and not balanced
But the sound ....... waw this is not a legend but the reality
In all areas except the brit type on a clear sound AC30 why nothing better than my telecaster


I play on a AC15 ccx1 (a bomb) with a pod HD500, all guitars sound
I love all the sounds


Lespaul a TV with it can play almost everything (at least try)
An expensive guitar,

filipdeceulaer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard LH
This guitar is made in the United States, in Nashville.
It has 22 frets and two humbuckers (bridge and neck). My guitar from 1995, it is still equipped with another type of micro today. (Change from 2002) Do not ask me the difference my dear friends, I can not answer you.
Bridge Tone-o-matic, 4 knobs (1 tone and 1 volume micro)
Set neck with a button in palisandre. Inserts in the shape of trapezoids nacre.

The finish of this guitar hands down deserves a 10.


So many people say that the handle of a Les Paul is limited log, or you still have to admit that the playability is great. Despite not very easy access to acute handle is quite fast. There's watching Kirk Hammet (Metallica), he comes well ... him!
The weight is considerable but it is now known so I do Aprende nothing.
Sound, then there ... acccrochez you. Warm-air, in the bluezy pitcher and the big sound in full. We're in heaven with an instrument of this type! So in summary, to get a sound like this, there is that Mr. Gibson can do ...
I put a 9 because access to acute is not ideal.


I started playing Metallica, then I discovered the blues and I also play lots of rock style ACDC, Black Sabbath etc. ... and I can say that over the last 10 years I found a perfect companion .
I play with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and it's great. I'm also on modeling amps like the AD30VT (VOX) and I made my debut in lamps with special valve (EPIPHONE). In fact, it sounds good on all the amps or less correct. On HOT ROD, it is nevertheless still a step up. The bridge pickup is a little too aggressive for my taste but treble the neck pickup is extremely warm.
I put a 10 property willingly.


I use it since 1995. I bought it new and ebony (black painted). At that time the price was about € 1500 but now ... I do not esay many other models before, because the distinction of being left handed is that you got "a lot choice "... especially 10 years ago. So I tried it, I had the budget and I bought it. I do not part with it because when you buy an instrument of this quality is that he accompanies us throughout our lives. The price / quality ratio (at the time) was quite correct. Today, we must admit that this is not given to everyone to realize a dream ...
However, I will make the same choice if I had to pick a guitar today.
I put in 10 because there is no 9.5 ... and you, if you have the budget, do not hesitate because you will not be disappointed ... muscicien word!

Lloyd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard LH
Guitar factory in the U.S.
22 frets, two humbuckers Gibson 490R in the neck and 498T in bridge
+ Stop bar bridge tune-o-matic (gibson anything ...!)
four pots: 1 volume, 1 Tone micro, micro slcteur three positions (from top to bottom: stick / stick + bridge / bridge)
short scale neck (24 "3 / 4), rosewood back trapzes, simple body and neck binding, mechanical gibson deluxe, fly-case gibson brown.


Channel trs enjoyable profile plutt "buche" that "highway", but an undeniable comfort!
Access in acute low ais but it is a matter of habit ...
Heavy guitar, plays seated, the body tends to go on rear, no dcoupe or chamfer to facilitate handling, the Les Paul is a rustic instrument!
This gives a good sound very easy, know-how caratristique Gibson, plugs into any amp of good quality, it is impressive Versatile


It may suit any style of music, casseroles jazzy funk to ground through the mtal or blues, it is extremely versatile.
I had the opportunity to try it on Fender Deluxe, Peavey Classic 50, is the rsulat: The tube amp paul + = yum!
all fawn, its reputable no longer do ...!


Sounds clear sleeve and neck + bridge are trs cool, but the bridge is a little too dirty and aggressive
Loadings are beautiful, the crunch pais wish, for mtal, the bridge pickup is really gnial imprcis although a little, but what a grain!


I have been using one and a half years, and it is really gniale! In addition, the stamp and the myth involved as much as the brand MODEL reinforce the feeling of having an instrument in the hands of legendary!
I played on a lot of drip trays of left-handed, and I now understand why it is panthon the guitar!
Report honnte quality price, but I guess new is quite a queue round the mark, but it also has to be loved ...
With exprience, I would do without this choice hsiter, it's really a guitar to have (or had) the hands!