Gibson SG Standard LH : Anonymous 's user review

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The official site is full of that ct => https://www.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/gibson%20usa/products/sg/sgstandard


I use it for about 1 month, my opinion is very subjective.
Premirement, I like the violin Gnrale (even if I have had a little pte, probably during transport ...).
Wood, varnish, a Gibson feels chre but quality.

The strong point back to its weight: the beast does weighs nothing, really nothing. It is lightweight, has not even break the back if we play sitting (?) And the height of happiness it does not sting the nose as we can hear from a form (that can be if one takes bad ... I do not know, mine is perfectly balanced without the shoulder strap).

The handle is standard, although less fat than a Les Paul but bigger than Ibanez.
It can be very fast on it, while having a good comfort until the FrtE 22me.
The strings are very roots origins, must be a Gibson strings taills for the greasy blues smelling sweat.

Speaking of sweat, for lovers of the good guitars handle sticky is the ideal: the varnish glue very quickly.
Maniacs, those who spend more time cleaning up their guitars that play above may be of, it will clean it so it shines!

The origins mcaniques quickly lose tuning, a problem can arise if one changes often. I personally refines every day for studio use a replacement will be a solution.

I now turn to more important.


This is clearly typ Gibson, indescribable.
it sounds, trsmdium for pickup, very bold (or round) to the neck pickup, very powerful for both. This guitar is perfect for hot blues hot. The rglages are very late.
For clear sound, you can have it is clear (huhu). But it is not crystalline as a Telecaster (no microphone simple, normal). I mean by this is a clear but very MUSCL sound, which the character especially when going after these strings. This is very powerful as his, I'm not at this point.

On my 5w any lamp, with a multi-purpose, it sounds like a guitar in 1400.
I suggest to have a tube amp to fully enjoy the grain.

What more ... vidos look on the official website, youtube, make your opinion. My advice to all (lefties) to take a ride in store.


I privilgie the quality the quantity, it's a guitar that gets better with time, as good vinasse.
It is expensive it's true (I pay 1390, now it is a 1500, there is no longer a can more ... Gibson policy in Europe is like the stock market).
For the price if you must choose, choose right, it's a great left-handed guitar!
I remake that choice without problem.

If you want other opinions, look at the ct in right-handed, I got a treat for the true left foot the head

If you want to see my few pictures => http://lebiftekenstring.online.fr/bla/SG