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Lighting Desks user reviews

  • Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 2

    Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 2 - pilou@'s review


    The Wholehog 2 is not the brand but the brand Jands Flying pig itself acquired by High End. Although no longer manufactured it is still a reference for desk slaves even though now it's great that MA is No. 1 in France …

  • Avolites Pearl 2004

    Avolites Pearl 2004 - Callahan's review


    I used it for 6 months. This console is very intuitive in its use. I had one MaLightning before and the spirit is rather similar. I tried a Zero88 Bullfrog but the winner is obvious. The Avolites is more expensive but very much better! The valu…

  • Zero 88 Jester 12/24

    Zero 88 Jester 12/24 - mithra's review


    Console trad used in the box and I work (a very big box that everyone knows ), I admit that visually it inspired me not really, but after spending time on it ... In my opinion much better than a light or a co AVAB entry (type presto) for a lower p…

  • Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 3

    Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 3 - renaudnoel's review


    I use it for 6 months, superb functionality level console and look super convenient whatever the service. …

  • Lightprocessor Q Commander

    Lightprocessor Q Commander - Chris de nuit's review


    1: I used ten years: never fault - do not plant-Super Reliable! 2: Easy to use-many possibilities on the "traditional" 3: No (This brand has a good reputable supplier in the middle 4: Dear the era but in time, no problem 5: I do it again …

  • SGM Studio 24 Scan Control

    SGM Studio 24 Scan Control - labadia's review


    With a studio 24SC SGM and SGM Studio 48SC in a park for nearly 10 years, I find that these consoles, though a bit overwhelmed by Sunlite and Co, easily manage fire plans including block trad Dmx and machine. Of course, the setting register prog or …

  • SGM Studio 24 Scan Control

    SGM Studio 24 Scan Control - Tibo22's review


    Console concernat the traditional 24/48 so be prepared two 24-circuit or a 48, 24 + flash.Pour master can control the automatic are 12 worlds with 12 stages and 12 steps for each scene. I used this console on several services and to make the notame…

  • Jands Wholehog 2

    Jands Wholehog 2 - Stephlight's review


    THE Wholehog II as the Wholehog III are Flying Pig products and not Jands. …

  • Zero 88 Alcora

    Zero 88 Alcora - portix's review


    - How long have you use it? About 2 years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? No particular feature. It is a fairly standard console that is trs much all you can expect from it. Theatre, concert, etc ... - How do you…

  • Behringer Eurolight LC2412

    Behringer Eurolight LC2412 - ericvda4's review


    The uses for 1 year. convenient and simple programing theater ... 650 distributed memory bank by 99 ... use the sub at the same time that a program with fade time and more light sequence reminder ... so this is a true 24 circuits. even if the…