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Lighting Desks user reviews

  • Avolites Pearl 2000

    Avolites Pearl 2000 - Mystic's review


    I use the console for 4 months, it is natural trs program but also use (APRS finally reading the manual). A must to make the lighting together because you can easily go by feel. This implies a inconvnient, it is almost not found secondhand. Can be bl…

  • ADB Boléro 12

    ADB Boléro 12 - Seebaf's review


    Pti I use this machine for two years now. It is enjoyable and relatively easy to use. It possde a lot of great effects. The knobs are an excellent precision. Despite its price lev (1370 Euros) worth it. Even when a little be little CHRE, but that doe…