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Line 6 Flextone user reviews

  • Line 6 Flextone III XL

    Line 6 Flextone III XL - Ben_blaster's review


    This is a 150W combo (from January 2004, line 6 has proposed that the Flextone III passes 2x75W) to modeling. The amp section is solid state, it can connect directly via XLR connectors and emulate the sound "classic" of a microphone. The Flextone III…

  • Line 6 Flextone III

    Line 6 Flextone III - Tigerbill17's review


    See review previous ones .... The real plus is the use of MIDI and the Web: 1) A software edition of presets that give ACCS ALL rglages possible (including those not directly accessible on the amp) ... Posibilit accder of the 36 internal patches b …

  • Line 6 Flextone III

    Line 6 Flextone III - Fabio's review


    Amplifier transistor modlisations: - Amp Simulator (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa, Soldano, etc ...) - Simulator cabinets (2x12, 4x12, open, closed, etc ...) - Pretty cool multi-effects section (reverb, flange, delay, etc ...) - 4 presets stor…

  • Line 6 Flextone 412S

    Line 6 Flextone 412S - Chris Martins's review


    I have 2 years. It sounds like a hybrid of mesa and marshall ... dynamic and clean place with a big bass ed without exaggerating their volume. The ratio Q / P is really good. …

  • Line 6 Flextone XL

    Line 6 Flextone XL - black sun's review


    Transistor amplifier 2 x 50 w loop because SoRIE aditional hp or line, headphone, and noon UTILIZATION Config to be simpler not easy to find a pleasant sound anglai manual so if your not on top you in English galley SOUNDS I regret no…

  • Line 6 Flextone III

    Line 6 Flextone III - logan's review


    Amp modlisation with many amp tones simulated. There is a button for a. It simulates without daring to say the Vox, Mesa Boogie, Marshall and Fender. Prregl effects (or rgler) Intgr in amplifier (delay, compression, reverb etc.), a button that si…

  • Line 6 Flextone III

    Line 6 Flextone III - jasonse's review


    Some buttons turn, an HP celestion 12 "G12T-80 Designed specially for him. MIDI, effect loop. UTILIZATION Once again diffrent kinds of amps, you can easily navigate and find his killer. effects, even if few are as easy to use paramtrables. …