HK Audio Lucas 1000
HK Audio Lucas 1000

Lucas 1000, Live Sound Package from HK Audio in the Lucas series.

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Emaurin 03/21/2003

HK Audio Lucas 1000 : Emaurin's user review


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This Systm is a marvel!
To have tried several times and ds DIFFERENT styles of music (rock, jazz or djiing)
I ts board chat group Dipos a small budget and have qqchose ® religion that makes sense
Several things that I like Systm ds, tt is trs first compact, and fits easily ds a small car (clio, 205 ...), regarding the satellites, they are thin and prcis, additions to the cabinet, the sound is really equilibrated trs trs round and warm (for jazz or acoustic cgnial!)
A final advantage, the box that serves pr dampli the two satellites, is fitted dun limiter per channel (left, right and sub), being protected and the speakers ...