HK Audio Lucas Impact
HK Audio Lucas Impact

Lucas Impact, Live Sound Package from HK Audio in the Lucas Impact series.

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Branescu Razvan 07/19/2018

HK Audio Lucas Impact : Branescu Razvan's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Good technology but they screw up at the assembly line.
The lack of midrange is that the coils are putted in reverse.(result Ft is not 2Khz, it's 5Khz)
I chabged the driver with B&C DEH360, i didnt invert the coils (Ft=5k) but i have extended the midrange of the low driver (take off capacitor 10uF, put 2,2uF)

Now they sound very impresive, clear and flat...allmost equal NEXO PS8