HK Audio Lucas Performer
HK Audio Lucas Performer

Lucas Performer, Live Sound Package from HK Audio in the Lucas Performer series.

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romagnat 07/22/2011

HK Audio Lucas Performer : romagnat's user review

«  yes great but ... »

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I use that Decomposition Systems in recent months, I had no other similar system before. I agree with the majority of stakeholders: the extraordinary low compact, value for money very interesting ... BUT BUT now I had the same surprise that the next user: HP subwoofer broke after a few years of operation (for me a few months after buying it used) ...
So a message to mr HK "thank you to ensure that HP does not break for a YES or NO" I am leaving with a new HP, but if this phenomenon occurs here I will change and I will be much more critical equipment. I recommend this hardware but beware of the history of the stuff if you buy used!