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Peavey PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Peavey PV-2600

    Peavey PV-2600 - Fks's review


    I used this amp for a can less than a year, I sold for use as soon as I fesais I n'tais not satisfied. I pulled four Subwoofers 400Watts RMS, and ca not typed. Fullrange speakers on this amp should be sufficient but the bass is average. Other t…

  • Peavey HIsys 4XT

    Peavey HIsys 4XT - d64david's review


    How long Material used for 8 years Use for mailing wedding accessories or reinforcements such center sional collection's outdoor track. Features In many trs Trs good balance of sound including the low end bitch to double 15 "including nota…

  • Peavey PV 215

    Peavey PV 215 - Sebastienjeux's review


    - How long have you use it? It is a friend who bought a pair two months ago has little prs - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The sound is not bad Submitted ca sending the least: medium quality one does not feel too much…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - regc's review


    Hello, I want to signal that there are two gnrations PRO 15. The Premire have such CHARACTERISTICS: # 250 Watts RMS / 4 Ω Engine # 1 "compression BP #: 50 22 Khz # Sensitivity 97 dB output The models today are DIFFERENT: > 300 watts …

  • Peavey HiSys 2 XT

    Peavey HiSys 2 XT - Dj shayemoos's review


    Having had no response to my request for an opinion I would just like to have advice please: I have a very good DJ friends who offered me a whole sound system: 2 + 2 2XT HiSys Peavey Peavey 115XT HiSys in superb condition, that is, they have turne…

  • Peavey Impulse 200

    Peavey Impulse 200 - djmax444's review


    Hi to all I have been a super year professional quality product (its hard) jlai branch in 8 men have a P3500 on a yam evening Pellerin (44) is a mentendais 4 km. Enclosure along with increased quality of sound in the head of acute. …

  • Peavey ST-15

    Peavey ST-15 - dj ravisik's review


    - How long have you use it? I just buy it with a 703 amp power sta - What is so special that you like most and least? most: not showy acute, of asser good bass, the opportunity to develop - Have you tried many other models before buying it?…

  • Peavey ST-15

    Peavey ST-15 - double07's review


    Since two weeks as low HP, amplified by a Ashdown mag 300. Power is limited but should in my living room and repeating. Value for money impec .. nothing wrong .. the weight too. Yes I tested EV 20 years ago that weighed a ton for 250 W with a pri…

  • Peavey PV-2600

    Peavey PV-2600 - Jbdeparis's review


    PV 2600 Very nice as a product. For 500 you have the power to give evening! Everything is over ... PRVU tempo at boot, guards of all kinds ... fan double speed. Peavey guarantee 5 years .... Bandpass filter (depending on config) and low pass…

  • Peavey PRO-SUB

    Peavey PRO-SUB - Selecta Biss@'s review


    I used two pros with a good 15 to tens of evenings, and I board was not really convinced by this sub. Top: Light, well finished, all you need at the conection. Cons: Power handling bad enough that HP and flapper in infrastructure, very low molass…