Jahkal 04/28/2011

DigiTech JamMan : Jahkal's user review

" Rather mixed"

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This is a looper / sampler that can repeat indefinitely with a recorded sample, including a guitar.


Pretty simple with the manual. Getting started is fast.


I use it with my guitar and also to swing sequences in pieces (aircraft noise, screams, ...). The problem with this latter use is that the memory is too tight.


I sold because not enough memory and not enough use. I wanted to use it with my group, but this assumes that the drummer is métronimique, which was not the case.
The rhythms found on the pedal really are not that great.

I bought the little sister jamman solo. The memory is expandable with an SD card. Jam Manager software can handle it with your PC via USB port. But the solo is more difficult to handle.

I also advise to take these pedals with the footswitch to move banks. We can also make one by typing in DIY jibhaine on google. There are photos and drawing. I did, it's pretty simple and I'm not pro yun welding.