DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

pinkbono 11/17/2011

DigiTech JamMan : pinkbono's user review

" Very good, but tone sucker ..."

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Looper pedal digital double.
Input jack mono, mono output jack.
XLR microphone input.
I bought mine with an additional footswitch FS3X.


Easy to use if one is a looper function, the rest must fiddle and it's not always instinctive.
Two actions in addition to the looper has imperatively set correctly, the input gain and the level of dubbing, easy but must be done carefully so feedback and spare breath.


The tempo change post dubbing sounds bad, we forget.
The looper is excellent and makes what you give ... And it's that will tickle the most demanding because the Jamman is not true bypass. The sound then passes through these channels and the Jamman acts as a tone sucker is light, but ca (me) shit.
Of course you will not hear anything if you have a solid state at the end of the string, but you apprcierez least if you fight and pay for the purity of your sound.
I have been slow to accept it, but before the undeniable usefulness of this looper I chose to isolate it in a loop mechanical true bypass and inside the loop of my amp while the chain end . This way I can simply disable the loop mechanism for recovering from my original.
I will make a loop pedal a more specific term ...


I got mine for five good years, it has its faults (see above) but I am generally satisfied and does not change, the contrast of a Boss RC-20 which turns after two weeks.
It is primarily a looper and not a multi-effects, it is convenient, efficient and easy to use when one is confined to its basic function, and that's what I did. I dub bass, overdub a rhythmic stacks qq loops in the same vein several fatherly in sequence, then I'm happy playing freely jumping from a paternal to the other with the help of the indispensable footswitch FS3X (to buy separately).
A repeat now I would take the new model incorporates the additional footswitch.