Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 67 reviews )
 31 reviews46 %
 27 reviews40 %
 7 reviews10 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Beginners
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SPmageau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
piphone les paul shape, made in Korea it seems to me
22 hambuckers two frets, two volume pots and two pots tonalitbr /> slcteur a three position (exellent compared to models such 5position Fender Squier Stratocaster etc.)
mine is cherry burst finish


Good is not the handle of ibanez, a bit more peace of soaps that our friends the shredders.

Easy Access in a sharp contrast the reputable but it is far from being nirvana in any way this guitar, it is chosen for the Personal of the Paul not the fast which we runs through the handle.

I find it so heavy that her older sister gibson but hey, you feel a weight on the shoulder (take a jumper off preferences, I have a big thing in leather)

I have long wondered what use the Tone knobs for ... but hey we will not be reluctant

Warning: Be careful with the straps locks, Dunlop and Shaller screws have finer than those on the original lp, and the trend is towards a bar, Do not hesitate to pour a pot of glue wood and ca is (mine was almost high enough to hush because of the screw has barr). Also between the jack tends to tighten the dvisser think quite often

but other than that, this instrument is a fantastic view Aesthetics (although it is a matter of taste) is a beautiful guitar trs


Well, when this achte scratches, you pay more Bestio the microphones that are on it ...
is not catastrophic but it is not so far even when the drama
In the light can be trs ca blues, warm sound, not too aggressive if you stay on the rhythm position
ds, but we force on the distal (for hard rock or metal), ... Sound is a mess with such sharp razor blade (hyper screaming) rhythms dgueulasses ... trebble about the position, I use it almost ever ... it's even worse than the rhythm position))))

I just got the DiMarzio I install it tomorrow I will say the new

added 05/09/04

then change microphones, post and view a little late;)

It sounds monstrous, rhythmic own, less shrill screaming, and finally all the default left the guitar in favor of a good sound, there's that for palm mute There's a diffrence or less obvious


Trs beautiful object, very practical, ergonomically friendly trs
but to change the pickups ...

I tried a Squier, a low-end ibanez, fender mex one and I confess I prfre even when the LP form.

I think that by changing the pickups is a good guitar and trs in this report is exellent quality price (if you have in mind the change of microphones)

littlewing68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
<ul> Country of manufacture: Core
Number of frets: 22
Pickups: Humbuckers
Body: Mahogany
Top: Maple
Channel: rather 50's (very large)
Selector: 3 positions
Color: HB </ul>
.... LP is a good c


<ul> Channel: J ADORE! it sticks very well to my hand, I find it rather fast and fun to play
The access acute aus: ca borders on the troll, much like it n, c is a little hard at first, but it is sy. Qq days after we don 't think even more.
Ergonomics: The LP form, finish and the violin are impeccable. The weight? This is part of the charm of LAlpe ;-)
Sound: AC is complique.lPersonnellement I find the pickups not terrible and not very precise highs. J uses my multi effects pedal BOSS to try to fix / hide the imperfections. </ul>

Small point, the mechanisms are very light. J have the change of mechanical pr a bath oil.


<ul> Styles: For the Jazz, tt ca be made, blues aussi.Pour terms of the Blues / Rock -> Rock ca gate.Les microphones to go live in that there is a metal satutation / crunchy ... But hey do not forget the value for money.
Amp: Fender Princeton 65W: no worries pr jazz and blues (see above)
Sounds: Sound LP. I hate the sound that it gives the metal or heavy saturation


<ul> Tps of Use: 3 years
+: Shape, use (handle, violin)
Very good value for money. In my opinion we must invest even qd pr new microphones
With experience I think that I would have waited a little longer and buy a Gibson ... C is allowed to dream qd same ;-)
El Tiz02/09/2004

El Tiz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
So for CHARACTERISTICS, trs is original: manufacturing Coren, alder body, mahogany table, stocky, round rather 60 'mahogany, 22 frets, 2 humbuckers, 3 positions, and 2 volumes 2 Tone ... Briefly, a Les Paul.


The handle is qu'agrable end of like style 60 '. Access in acute is worthy of the great Les Paul: difficult (but hey, it's a Les Paul shit). As for the body, the cross-Alder Mahogany is regrettable but cepandant advantage: the weight. I use this guitar also often for my repeated 'knowing that it is less tiring. Regarding the sound: The original pickups are true stews. Please note however, I replaced them with Seymour Duncan (JB SH4 and SH1 bridge at 59 'in sleeve), and is day and night: the guitar is thereby metamorphosis. Before, I let my Gibson systematically the important tasks (concerts, recording DMOS), now both use guitars have scabies.


If you want a guitar that sound without going into debt over 20 years, take the Les Paul and change the pickups: With Seymour, the sound is just standard! J'apprcie also particulirment this combination (or only one or a Seymour Alnico II Jazz neck if you want a more sweet). This guitar is made for the usual style of Les Paul: rock-blues-jazz. And if you mount a game consquent (in my case 10-52), you also keep records funky without problem. I use a Marshall JMP 1980 and the sound is ... zepelinien (or ac / dcien, or ...).


I use this guitar for 7 years and I'm not going to get tired! She is beautiful, the finishes are excellent, and with the investment in good microphones, the sound is that of a Les Paul. As far as I'm concerned, I never like Epiphone Consider the "copy": This is the same family that Gibson, and I recalled that the Gibson Company also founded much of its fame of "great guitar rock'n'roll" on its Asian production. I also recalled that Mister Les Paul Himself has a long history in common with Epiphone and he sometimes plays itself on Epiphone Les Paul!
If you beginners but want a skyscraper that lasts, this is what you need. If you are a musician confirm that you want a guitar with an excellent qualitprix, do not hesitate, the Epi Les Paul Standard is an instrument of choice!

imaginus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Nothing to say the above ...


The handle is precise, fast, pleasant. Access to acute is a matter of habit.
The weight? I do feel more from the time
The sound? Ahem ale is the gate ca ...


It is imperative the chopper madman who select the microphones! It's simple distortion is a horror and even those on a Marshall amp lamps. Presto transfer models for Seymour Duncan (not try) or PRS (he he ...).


Since my little transformation (150 euros anyway), it turns when I balance a strong agreement. We then have a Les Paul out of the ordinary and no real default for a ridiculous price.
A not, a serious improvement on the quality of finish for some time but always so hateful Micor.

grolud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Dj guitar has a big sister well known to all! I mean obviously the Gibson Les Paul, APRS it is true that this is not the same quality that is not made in the United States but rather made in Korea but hey the price is not the and even a good guitar is affordable. Trs good for beginners
As against the basic microphones not really top!


The handle seems strange it is to play? me, the fact that G starts with a guitar Jim Harley and the Epiphone is the only other guitar that was until the g (was about 6 years) the handle seems to me quite comfortable to play, after s, g of friends who play on the ibanez and told me that the problem posed handle their ...
No problem for Access in specially acute.
Guitar a bit heavy, but when it is most like me is no problem. ;)


This is where is gets complicated. In fact me who loves the big distos rather acute edge and well and playing in a band, I was REALLY a possible problem, a point that I almost Spar g guitar . The microphones are of poor quality, so that ds the sound is too loud with a feedback block distortion! As against the clear sound, I have nothing wrong. G finally found the solution by simply changing microphones, microphones g found good opportunities cheap and then it all came together.


Good qualitprix
And then I found the guitar really beautiful, I love its shape.

NeKronembourg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Everything is already written by others ... nothing to add.


I j likes the handle, I have tried more expensive guitars really, well, I prefer the neck of my Epiphone (which is starting to get enough use, and c is even better that way!)
The treble I m not use much so I do not care that ca be difficult dy GO!
The weight ba ... should not be a live shrimp for 2 hours but otherwise it's going!


Is a good way to sound, just know how to set an amp or effects


I find it good, May I prefer the look of the gothic ... if c is my first scratch and I'm always happy to!
el ouistiti08/25/2003

el ouistiti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
For CHARACTERISTICS are those base ... I will not rpeter. The cls are of good quality compared to an old Epiphone (SG model) which ignores the inet agreement. The only dfault of this model lies in the finishing, often mean, for example the bases of each string on the bridge are poorly rgls. The DCON slcteur quickly (live coverage) and not on mine, the other of my friends have possdant the MODEL of the change.


Personally I find the handle trs enjoyable, albeit Most recent internship frets are harder accssible (especially on 4.5 and 6 th string) but if you do not have big "tubes" that remains playable. As regards the forms of the Les Paul, we love it or dtest ... I love and I crack honntement every day when I see it. Weight (3.5 kg and yes I pes is not unbearable contrary to what they say, on the knees and shoulders as the ones in spite of my build of Mickey, on the contrary that the amliore Sustain (more about her older sister in Gibson PSE 5 kg).


As for the microphones, or it can be the most critical of this guitar (but remember the report qualitprix). Certainly the microphone is loud but the acute micro ratrape the grave a little warmer and prcis (that is relative anyway). I intend to change them, and I think that is what is best to do.


Whatever your style of music, this guitar is happening everywhere. Ideal for beginners on a budget moyen.En changing the pickups I'm sure this skyscraper is one of the best quality the market price and it can even compete with the first Gibson Les Paul (I speak in terms range). Trs favorable opinion on it.