Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

tubart 02/24/2009

Gibson Les Paul Custom : tubart's user review


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Who does not know them?




We like it or not ...


A word to talk about the Les Paul Custom that everyone knows: I scrutinized from all angles a LP Custom Silverburst 2007 a buddy just bought.
The findings are alarming: the gradient is irregular, table multiplied binding ruling from the slapdash, the serial number (CS ... since these models are from the "custom shop" Gibson) briefly buffered in using white paint that has drooled all over .. I still can not believe (I play on a Orville By Gibson LP Custom, the finish is well above the current Gibson) ... Otherwise, it sounds the same, nothing wrong about that.
Decidedly, spend more than € 3,000 for not better finish the sub-brand Epiphone (I'm not exaggerating, I have an Epi LPC 2008 recently to have fun with the violin), there is cause to regret his decision. The "Custom Shop" Gibson actually sounds like a commercial argument, youtube videos show a factory mass production and gigantic workshops ... We are far from the image "artisanal" we would like to make us swallow. The price / quality ratio is one of the most Aberant I saw .. (the seller was also too dismayed, but before the request of a fan of Adam Jones, you have to work).
I like Gibson, but Gibson in his greatness. Gibson and visibly in recent years are often the image of the LPC CS ... Gibson made good guitars, but you have to get several years back ... a member of AF often said "the price is forgotten, the quality remains "... wait a few years to see the head of Gibson 2000s ...