Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]
Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002]

Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002], LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

kinder_guano 12/24/2005

Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus [1993-2002] : kinder_guano's user review


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Go, shoo ... Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus series (also called 60's Reissue ...), manufactured in the United States (Nashville plant).

- Mahogany body, table 3 / 4''AA flamed maple.
- Set Mahogany neck Slim Taper 60 (sleeve end to Gibson).
- Pitch 24 "3 / 4.
- Frets medium (nan, it's far from good jumbo very comfortable).
- Bone nut.
- Rosewood (very nice indeed, the wood is fairly homogeneous and smooth), trapeze perloid marks "old" (which tend piss yellow ...).
- All under a layer of cellulose varnish (specialty Gibson), who tends to go on alopecia and / or to large blocks with friction ("attention to the stand on which we will put it, some are the annoying tendency caouchoucs generously of damaging the varnish of this type "to quote Lony ( 2Cidproduit 2C12397.html%)).
- Fillet board and key board body cream, matching the number of plastic accessories very low end, despite the usual spiel about the quality of Made in America The net edge touch passes over the frets, too little detail classy! (Side of the coin, that bush violently days a refrettage).

It starts, yes, Gibson likes to rest on its achievements of the 50's. And left to make their guitars at prices shameful, even to save on all the fittings, b'en they sell and sell as always, why trample the gourd?
Hop, we will therefore make the listing of shame (fortunately, the woods are good, them! Lack just a touch ebony ...).

- Machine "Green Keys" Gibson / Kluxon very ugly (the mechanical is perloid with greenish) taking ... not too bad agreement (any Schaller, Gotoh and Sperzel would be more effective).
- Frames of microphones and jackplate ugly beige plastic and brittle.
- Tune-o-matic and nickel plated stopbar Gibson (on mine, which dates from 2001, everything was oxidized mega! Yuck!).
- Button fastening belt starving scary face the heavy weight of a LP.
Finally comes the mail:

- Two ceramic humbuckers Gibson 496R (neck) and 500T (bridge), two volume and two tones, a toggle switch 3 positions.
And finally, the sumptuous pre 2003 Gibson hard case, that is poo brown on the outside and fuschia vile and grotesque on the inside. Ugly, but at least it protects the guitar.
In short, a note to the woods and assembly of the beast, and a sheet for the Gibson foutage of mouth about the hardware, like all LP Classic and Standard elsewhere.

Added 16/04/2005:

Paf, after my opinion, after the changes made by Patrick White (

- All fittings just pourrite was replaced by chrome Schaller, including MECAS wraps. Straplok Dunlop and the same metal.
- The Gibson pickups replaced with EMG 81 bridge and 85 neck.
- The neck, back and sides of the body was sanded and then switched to black translucent satin varnish. A grip unrelated to what you get with a bit sticky coating of origin.


B'en there, as usual 'is a fucking Les Paul: not an ounce of ergonomics, design unretouched since the 50s. And Gibson is not ready to touch the legend.

- No cutting ease: no stomach cutting, it is busting the ribs easily, no side of the table slightly rounded, it is busting the forearm while playing.
- The junction heel / case is from the 16th box, access to acute is completely compromised (especially when you come out of a neck-Jackson ...).

Ha, if something great, the knobs are not directly above the bridge, they do not interfere when we play, that's really good!

Putting himself in the spirit that Les Paul is not intended as another guitar, it is then necessary to adapt.

That's the big criticism I have of this skyscraper. It may well have a captivating form, be charged with a past "glorious and legendary rock, where other guitars are made to be forgotten and let go all his great musical and creative fiber we all, Heiniger! B 'in the Les Paul, we must bend to its required, the bitch!

Well that's the price to pay when you want to touch the legend.

Fortunately, a big advantage over the Classic (as on the Standard Lite and some new), the handle 60! This is not a rule to Banez, but it's really comfortable and easy when you have small mimine that the rest of the prod 'Gibson (50's neck and 59).

The grip made (a real obstacle course!), The sitting position is quite problematic, between ergonomics and also the imbalance of the lady, who, it must be admitted, quite a big ass.

Standing, it's easier, provided, again, to bow to her.

Another point, weight: the Classic, it is dirty plump.

And the holding of the agreement with the Kluxon is really improved.


The sound of the big Lulu:

A vacuum, and equipped with new ropes in 10-46 at the time of purchase, the bitch, she has the voice! Impressed! Rich, balance, ouarffff!

Once pluggée, b'en there, it's Gibson:

- The 500T bridge, ceramics, as a reminder, a copious output level! In clean, slamming it (you can obviously adjust with knobs for volume and tone controls for each microphone), while remaining fairly bold.

In crunch and big crunch is really nice, she really has a beautiful voice, great Lulu! Always chubby, huge bass!

Basically saturax, same thing. And there, I think, certainly, there's bass, but it starts to bavouiller a bit, it really loses definition ... damned!

- The 496R neck (ditto ceramics) also cause large bass, but far too plump, plump, and there is less fishing the 500T. Not really my thing ... whether clean, crunch, or full. Oh yes, and I have the same impression as its Lony Explo for this microphone, it is a bit cold compared to 500T ...
Added 16/04/2005:

Pickups replaced with EMG 81 (instead of the 500T) and 85 (instead of the 496R).
Has enhanced the sound in my ears: the 81 adding precision where the 500T made by hand, the lower are no longer out of control (no more bavouillis palm mute on the rhythmic lumberjack).
The EMG 85 has also added precision and calmed the bavouillis in the lower. And the sound does not become cold! No, EMG is not cold, especially on an LP hot like fire even if that noise!
and clean and crunch, it's all good too! My LP has retained its soul '(morphotype I reassure the purists)
And I add one point to 'sound' after switching to EMG. That's it.


Ergonomics and sexy look ridiculous in the service of his sacred!

Well, we will not squirm, scratch that I bought because I blocked it since I was a kid. It has always been present in the music I listen to, it is part of my world.

Never bought it before because I know very well, because ergonomics is missing a big brake for me.

But finally, as have some fun as you can!

And finally, I have a Les Paul hyper damn sexy, with a big sound (which I perfected in helping EMG), I finally made the leap!

But prices Gibson ... have the legend, it actually costs a testicle ...

Addition of 24/02/2005: b'en there, I leave the conclusion of my opinion Hamtaro ( ):
<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>
Basically it "is full of flaws but I love it!"

Alert morphotype guitarist irrational!</span>

Added 28/02/2005: Following the opinion when it has been changed ( )

Added 16/04/2005:

B&#39;en following the changes, I am crazy about this beam. Yet we must always remember that usability is zero.

But between the handle more comfortable (a little thing, in absolute terms, just a satin varnish), microphones that respond more to what I&#39;m looking at her is happiness!

Ha ouaiche the tofs are also available on my website pourrite ( and a very pourrite chtit sample of LP saturax.