Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012

Les Paul Studio 2012, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Los Teignos 05/09/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 : Los Teignos's user review

«  Most of the Les Paul »

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Made in the USA, the Les Paul Studio contains all the standard feature of the outside finish. The Gold acastillage indicates that as the microphones are golden.

What to say about this guitar? It's a Les Paul with two humbuckers, a three position switch, setting a tone and volume for each microphone.


The neck is relatively pleasant even if it does not satisfy the shreders.

Note that the guitar is very heavy and the straps locks are almost mandatory to avoid unpleasant surprises when the strap.

As for comfort, I do not know what it takes but a standard for trying the same time, I found the studio much less comfortable ...


The Les Paul sounds are there, very fat. In crunch or saturated, it's happiness. I confess never to have been fascinated by the clear Les Paul vis-à-vis his Telecaster, but I think this is not the vocation of this guitar.


I've had 10 years and it was my first guitar: a choice that I would do it marked not with hindsight because I would have preferred a guitar lighter and easier to play to begin. Maybe with less character too.

Impossible to judge the quality / price ratio: it is a Les Paul Studio and it cost this price point. It is far from an Epiphone anyway, especially in performance microphones.

In short, I do not regret my purchase even though older, I aperçyu Telecaster that I was more in the mind.