Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

Les Paul Studio Gothic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
 5 reviews36 %

crankyrayhanky's review"Thick Tone Power"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
It’s a Gibson, so it‘s made in the USA.
2 volume pots, 2 tone pots, 3 way selector (bridge, neck, or both)
22 frets, Tune-o-matic bridge
Pickups: 490 & 498


Access to the top frets is not a strong suit of this guitar. I’ve played many Ibanez axes that have easy access; Les Paul upper fret access is somewhat limited. The tone of the guitar is thick and clear. It has more weight than Ibanez guitars, but not as much as 1970s LPs.


I purchased this amp new in the box in 2001. I’ve used a lot of amps with this guitar: Mesa Triaxis, Marshall DSL 1x12, Ampeg VL502 1x12 combo, Ampeg VL502, Marshall TSL100, Mesa Single Rectifier, Orange Tiny Terror….but the current amps are my Randall mts heads: rm100KH, rm50, and rm20. Modules utilized include dozens of professionally modified modules emulating Cobra, Marshall, Rectifier, MesaMark, Orange, JTM, Blackface, Deluxe, XTC, Diezel, 5150, Engl, and many more….

My favorite sounds are the classic Marshall (Aerosmith, G&R) and hi Gain Marshall Zakk Wylde. Other hiGain tones from my Cobra module for rhythms, 5150 for leads, and JTM for cleans.

Least favorite tones may be clean acoustic style chord strumming. This axe can do it, but I prefer a Fender Strat for this type of playing.

Overall, this Les Paul fits my style perfectly: modern Hard Rock and Metal.


This guitar screams Hard Rock authenticity. I used to be an avid Ibanez fan….until one night at CBGBs, 9-25-01. The other guitar player in my band was an excellent songwriter and a decent player, but had nowhere near the shred skills I enjoyed. We received a recording from that night, and the difference in tone was HUGE- hew wrecked me! He had a Gothic Les Paul; I played my Ibanez Jem. I vowed to improve my tone…..

A few weeks later, I scored my own Gibson Gothic LP. I tried out around 10 of the same model before finding one that “spoke” to me. Just like any guitar company, identical models will sound different. I found my axe.

During the next year, I sold off all of my Ibanez guitars and went exclusively with the LP. The original black paint looked decent, but knowing this would be my main guitar for a long time, I had a friend put a custom paint job on it.

Intonation. A proper setup can help this, but LPs are notorious for having this issue.
Also disappointing are the volume pots; my Ibanez guitars were excellent in this department. This LP may need replacing as it gets scratchy and inconsistent during volume swells from time to time.
Ditto the pickup selector.
Upper fret access is not so easy. I thought this would be a problem, but as years go on, I could care less about “only” having 22 frets. I can access the top notes when need be, but it’s not like other shredder guitars.

There is one gigantic advantage: TONE. The Gothic LP exudes power and fullness to each and every note. Chords are full and beefy. Once you spend some time playing a decent LP then revert to a different axe, other decent guitars suddenly sound thin and toy-like. The Gibson Les Paul sounds like MONEY; it conjures up tones from my favorite players.

If you’re into friendlier rock like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, or G&R, there may be better LP choices. But this is the choice if you like tuning down- I go from standard and hit many tunings all the way down to dropA. This guitar is more ferocious, more angry than other Pauls I’ve played. As a point of reference, I have owned a Les Paul Custom and had a 1970s LP in my possession.

Bottom Line: the Gibson Gothic Les Paul is a Hard Rock Metal Beast.

moosers's review

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
The Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic was made in the USA and I think it has 24 frets and two humbucker pick ups. It has four knobs for volume and tone control for each pick up. It also has a switch to choose between the pick ups, or to blend them. I believe the make up of this guitar is similar to a regular Les Paul Studio guitar.


The neck of this guitar has a great feel to it. It is smooth and easy to play. It is easy to play up on the high notes and all around the neck of the guitar. It is the average weight and size of an electric guitar and isn't too heavy. It is really easy to get a good sound out of it, as it is a genuine Les Paul!


I really love the sound I get out of my Les Paul Gothic. I use it with a '76 Fender Twin Reverb and a slew of stomp boxes. This guitar is great for getting a quick fat tone - great for loud rock music. The overall tone of this guitar is full and covers the whole range of the guitar nicely. Since both the pick ups are humbuckers, it has an inherent fat tone that can manipulated to sound more bassey or trebeley depending on what you are going for.!!


I have this guitar for about eight years and I got it in 2001. I got a great deal at Sam Ash where they were having a one weekend sale where if you bought this guitar you got the SG Gothic free! One of the best deals of my life, as I still use both guitars regularly. If you can get one used at a good price, you're getting a genuine Gibson Les Paul with a unique look that will probably get more valuable as these get harder to find!
MGR/danny c (peak of progress)07/03/2004

MGR/danny c (peak of progress)'s review"Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
£199 matchett's music, belfast NI

like the other reviewer, the range of distorion is excellent especially when using the treble pickup on its own. never feedsback even when gigging and playin loud. machineheads are great as is the dotless fretboard (love the XII on 12th fret). fretboard is fast and guitar plays amazingly well right up to the 23 fret.

if i was to be super picky... the body IS hard to keep dusat free but that doesnt really bother me that much

excellent for the price, probly the best iv seen. A slightly sharp fret bridge has broken the odd A string but thats just a minor constructio erroe and was easily fixed with sandpaper and dental floss! the dotless frets can take a while to get used to but usoon get nto the habit of using the dots on the top of the neck.

WONDERFUL...if you want a versatile guitar for around £200 that'll last get this one

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MGR/Gibson4LIFE's review"Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
This guitar is great. I bought this guitar for $1100 at Mr. C's Music Store.

It was a sweet looking guitar. I put a brand new Gibson pick guard with a white trim because i thought it would looknicer. And the bigest thing for me was a put the chrome pick up platesover the humbuckers to give it a little classic look to it. I turned out really really nice. Also what I really like about it is it has extremely good sound clean and distorted.This guitar rules.

There isnt anything i dont like about it. The only thing I would add is the les paul sig. at the head. other than that great guitar. wouldent change anything, but get chrome hardware looks really sweet.

great work with the entire guitar. I like the color of the black.I also have a Ibanez K-7, and Metallicas kirt kammits signiture,along with ESP F-450(Kicks Ass)

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
I bought this guitar from Shreve Audio in Louisiana for $379.00.

I really like almost everything about this guitar. The finish is great. If you get a scratch in it, all you have to do is get some water and put a little bit of windex in it and wipe it down, and it's good as new. It also comes with great Alnico humbucker pickups which sound a lot better for metal than the usual closed humbuckers.

The only thing that I don't care that much for on it is the neck is a little thicker than I'd like, but that's getting rather picky. Also, the pickup selector switch seems kindof fragile and loose, which makes it hard to do any Tom Morello style riffs selecting the pickups on and off.

The construction of this guitar is great. It's much, much better constructed than the Epiphone Specials that I've seen.

This is a great guitar for just about any type of music. It's the cheapest decent Epiphone, and I think the best.

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MGR/DemonsrUs's review"Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Our local pawn shop/hamby's music. It had
$925 on it but he generously let me have it
for $850. Even with the low amount of $$$
I make I was going to go into debt to own it.But $850 still isnt bad considering this
axe is dead mint.You get what you pay for and
this guitar shows that it is worth every penny!

Whats not to love? Satin Black finish,
black hardware,killer sustain,great feel,
excellent playability, a ripping 490R at
the neck and a powerful 498T at the bridge.
If you think the gothic les paul can raise
the hair on youre neck by looking at it,
wait till you play it!! It did not take
5 minutes worth of playing to realize that I
had to have it. Think of it as a sexy chick
in black leather that you must hold on to
and cherish forever. Came with a sweet lavendery plush case too, very stylish!!
I play heavy doom metal which this axe
took on well but it can handle a # of tones.

Not even a big enough dislike to mention:
Like most all pauls it is on the heavy
side. It sure wouldnt stop me from buying
this guitar! Some players might need
a while to get used to the larger gibson
neck too, but you'll like it trust me.
The pricing can be high also, but you will
definetly appreciate what you get with a

A Gibson Les paul's build is legendary and the gothic studio is no different. When you
say "les paul" People know what kind of quality you are talking about, it speaks
for it's self. Besides even though it is very gig worthy I wont be slinging it around
into things. 5-star construction baby!!

Why are you still reading this? Go buy
one!! It is that awesome! I just regret
not getting it sooner,it's a stripped
down tone machine that begs to be played!
And yes you could look at it as long as you could play it!!

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MGR/Fredrick Dempsey James III09/28/2002

MGR/Fredrick Dempsey James III's review"Gibson Les Paul Gothic Studio"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Guitar Center Southfield, MI
I paid $813.00 brand new. Sorry dudes...I got the last one they had.
I bought it because the guitar had an awsome, deep, crunchy, eat your children sound. It rules!!

It growls like a mountain lion. And you cant beat the look cause it suits the kind of tune it puts out.

its a little heavier than most Les Pauls, and the neck is pretty thick.

The guitar has an awsome build. The neck is smooth, easy sliding, and the star inlays are just so tight!

My one regret is that I didnt get this guitar sooner. It is the best guitar I have ever purchased and worth every penny.

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MGR/Jim's review"Gibson Gothic Les Paul"

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
I had a lot of money (a lot for myself) and I wanted, and needed a new guitar. I wanted to go w/ Gibson because you can't go wrong. I went out to Guitar Center and picked this up used for $960.00.

I love the overall look of it. The fretboard is very fast and I love the neck. It has very good sustain. I didn't know if it would still have the "new" sustain since it was new, and it still did.

I don't like that my neck humbucker went out. I had to buy a new Seymour Duncan. I was pissed that I had to be out of a big show I played, and I didn't have my "Gibby!"
The knobs were also causing a lot of excessive noise and I had to tighten the screws.

The construction was beautiful. The body was perfect and I love the way the gothic series it put together. I most of all love the neck on it, it is perfect.

The bottom line is that it is better to buy one of these new rather than used. It is also rather cheap price wise for a great quality Gibson. You can get one new for around $1,200.00.

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dr oblik07/17/2008

dr oblik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Made in Nashville, United States in 2000
22 frets, 490R alnico humbuckers and 498T
2 volumes, 2 tones, and micro switch 3 positions
Mahogany body, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard.
Same configuration as the studio
Handle fairly large type sg standart
Black matte varnish very fragile.


Channel pleasant but we used to sy, c is a real beam, we must take charge.
Access to relatively acute, (because of the handle), easy c is a les paul ...
Ergonomics good except for the forearm should or angle of the body is fairly sharp, but good all the les paul are like that, it is a little lighter than the studio but it's still a pretty heavy guitar.
For sound c is simple, if set, play: it sounds.


Good for her is enormous.
I play rock, punk, hardcore, heavy enough, it is perfect for that, the sound is fat and the desire to sustain is super stable.
I play with a marshall jcm 800 ineffective. It sends with no matter what settings c is a matter of taste.


I have the past few months, but I had a studio red wine before, nothing wrong, you just know that the sound is super heavy.
A small negative point, the coating is very fragile and it becomes shiny and scratch quickly, at the same time it gives him a face, I do not mind the opposite.
Jai tried many other guitars and I always come back on the les paul.