Lâg RX 200
Lâg RX 200

RX 200, LP-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Electrane series.

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fred806 12/24/2004

Lâg RX 200 : fred806's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Asia, "Out Of Bédarrieux"
Solid Mahogany body (it is a shaped body Roxanne in fact!)
Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 22 Frets
Tunomatic + tailpiece bridge (Type LP)
Pickups: 2 humbucker
1 double Lag Alnico V (bridge)
A 3-position selector,
2 Volume with push / push (splits), a tone

Nickel finishes, but one knob that had a little play (just the cover plastoc, not mechanical!)


Handle relatively pleasant, the varnish was a bit general.
Access is acute, the body of the guitar is solid, no screws or anything that gene.
Ergonomics: Is there any good, the knobs are accessible, the guitar is not too heavy ...
Sound: Easy to adjust!

The knobs are cheap on the other hand.


I have not bought cte scratches, but it looks very versatile and can fit the metal as close to blues ... Everything in your fingers! It will respond!
Rivera tested on all lamps.
The sounds were very good. Compared with a € 1200 to Roxanne, you feel the difference in microphones, much less accurate and less hot. With a lil change that would no doubt this model to compete without blushing with Roxanne, especially considering the price.


Tested in store ....
Nice feature: massive body, then sustain, and ease of access to acute. The Les Paul tailpiece type I really like too! I do not really need me ... Floyd
Comparing with Roxanne, just before tried: EXCELLENT value for money! A truly recommended purchase for people seeking a scratch in the € 500! Probably more advisable than the Epiphone same price. on the other hand, do not dream, it's not an Roxane either.

I think in this type of budget, for a scratch not too stereotypical in one style, RX200 stands up very well.