Vintage Icon V100
Vintage Icon V100

Icon V100, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Icon series.

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Smr162 06/18/2013

Vintage Icon V100 : Smr162's user review

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Ok so this guitar is a vintage lemon drop, all wilkinson hardware and it has a mahogany neck and body.


Ok so this is a verrrry warm tone guitar and plays wonderfully. It's a little heavy but not really as heavy as my les paul custom. There was a slight issue with some of fret board bring very very slightly raised but I'm
Being super pedantic with this. I had a very picky luthier point it out but this seemed to
Be the only real issue. The out of phase pick up adds something a little different and makes rocky lead brakes sound amazing with a real edge verrrry suited to blues rock ( but can play anything)


I've used this guitar through most types of amp. It's been through boogies, marshalls Hughes and kettners and tons more. It's a typical led paul in terms of through a Mesa boogie or a Marshall it really its that sweet spot. I like to keep the pickups either in the middle because it gives a fat balls out full sound. I like to switch it to the bridge for lead breaks but I don't often use the neck tone on its own. The clean tone is really nice for those typical rock intros that lead into raunch.


I'll be honest and say I can't remember what I paid for this, it was somewhere between 350 and 450 in 2009. What I will say is that it's the closest Gibson copy I've ever played and for a fraction of the price. I've played les paul studios that don't compare to this guitar and that's the truth. I own a 1976 les paul custom which is an
Absolute gem.... So this guitar isn't quite as good to play and listen to but it's really not far off. Vintage have really raised there game in the last few years and wilkinson hardware is far beyond what it's being sold for. This guitar will be avoided by the guitar snobs because of its label but the truth is in my opinion is that it's better than any other les paul copy I've played and better than some cheaper gibsons. I advice you to close your eyes plug in and play... Let the guitar do the talking - it won't dissapoint!!