Vintage Icon V100
Vintage Icon V100

Icon V100, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Icon series.

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MGR/Jimbo Baron 03/30/2003

Vintage Icon V100 : MGR/Jimbo Baron's user review

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After much searching on the internet and in my local shops, I found this guitar for £179 at Zings Music. Seeing as this was around £50 cheaper than the manufacturer's own website (John Hornby Skewes), I quickly placed my order online. Everything was fine until I was told that I would have to wait around 3 weeks for my guitar to be delivered - not a major hassle because I still had my old Hohner to play, but still a pain.
I chose this Vintage because I wanted a fairly decent - yet cheap - Les Paul copy and from what I'd read, this guitar seemed to fit the bill. A quick strum on it in a local shop before purchasing online confirmed my thoughts.

The guitar looks good with a tobacco sunburst finish and gold hardware. The sound is good too with a decent balance between bass and treble, instead of an excessively treble sound that I’ve sometimes heard on other cheap guitars. And as everyone always says about Vintage; the price is excellent for what you get.

If I had to pick a fault, I would say that the attention to detail on the finish wasn’t as good as it could have been. The gold on the machine heads was beginning to wear off even before I received the guitar and there was a small crack in the truss rod cover plate (which the manufacturer is going to replace when they have the part in stock). The finishing on the frets could have been slightly better and there were a few small scratches on the body. One of the volumes knobs also caught on the body when turned, until a minor adjustment.
To be fair though, I am a bit of a perfectionist so I’d probably find fault with any guitar and it may also depend on where you buy from with regards to scratches etc.

Construction is good and solid throughout with no major faults or dislikes that I could find. It weighs much more than my Hohner which takes some getting used to but does add to the overall feeling of solidity. Quality is undoubtedly very good for the price, although the finishing could be slightly better as I’ve mentioned.

Great guitar for the price, you can’t really go wrong with it. A better player than myself may not be quite so impressed, but for my own purposes (home-use, occasional jamming with friends), this guitar is ideal. Shop around to get a good deal and if you buy online, a proper shop set-up will probably also be required to get the best out of the guitar.

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