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Mackie user reviews

  • Mackie CFX20

    Mackie CFX20 - Bassmaster's review


    Very very good food. Easily adjustable like all Mackie mixers. We use it in Live for the group, the subgroups that are useful mix for battery on one side and guitar-keyboards on the other. The equalization responds very well, the effects buil…

  • Mackie HR824

    Mackie HR824 - anapurna's review


    For me, the Mackie speakers are of death! Yet I had flopped a thing of ..... I work dub, regaae, house and I need to really work my prcisement ultra serious and what a wonder ... on the other hand, as it There's enormously serious, Itis advisable t…

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - Evy's review


    I use it for one week so I do not do the full tour ais ... +: It was all in the hands ... (it's magic we gain in working time and pleasure "almost" farewell Mouse & Keyboard courese the fader I use aves sx 2 the scrub function is oprationelle a…

  • Mackie MS1202

    Mackie MS1202 - droors9's review


    possible to the rack via optional headsets, between 4 XLR mic / line 4 from line STREO, 4 insert, AUX 2, a pair of stereo outputs and a second circuit to monitor a DAT, MD , WRITER etc! it fits a lot of configurations 8-) UTILIZATION Perfect fo…

  • Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro

    Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro - iXtlan23's review


    The Mackie 1604 VLZ presents great ... in a small space rackabble format std 19 " first has already seen everything looks very solid, steel table, short fader (80mm) and solid knobs not the type to let go after six months .... OK 16 mono tracks,…

  • Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro

    Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro - j-lou's review


    Nice little console: 6-channel microphones with phantom power, inserts, good small pramps 4-channel Stereo (+4 or -10) Dparts 2 to 2 and returns 1 out "alternative" to which the tracks are sent mute. EQ classic tracks (no Settings, frquenc…

  • Mackie SRM450

    Mackie SRM450 - Christou$'s review


    C c are the top active speakers! I use it recently. Grows well when sending a sound without distortions that break the ears when the block. The sound volume is low trs trs is crystal clear it looks like the Hifi salon! However when I put them in th…

  • Mackie 408S

    Mackie 408S - itaque's review


    Easy to use, easy to transport. Its correct, powerful enough for a rock band playing in the roads. But two problem: it was announced but as 2X250 watt 2ohms: So buy 4 boxes in 8ohms for full power, or two boxes at 4 ohms but this is rare. For singing…

  • Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro

    Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro - Emeraldbird1's review


    Everything is said in two previous opinions on specs. Comprehensive machine whatsoever in connection or configuration options. Intakes can serve as direct inserts OUT which adds 8 more in relation to direct out of the factory, which can be handy so…

  • Mackie 8 Bus Series 32/8/2

    Mackie 8 Bus Series 32/8/2 - Getaurel's review


    No effects, analog and Fidler. Solid UTILIZATION Trs enjoyable, the tracks are long and mixes prcis for a home studio console. SOUNDS It's not an SSL but ample for c mix an album of electro. OVERALL OPINION Ideal for technical advance, …

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