Marshall MG4
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Marshall MG4 user reviews

  • Marshall MG100HFX

    Marshall MG100HFX - Abelkain's review


    Short Description: - 100 watt true - 4-channel recordable. - Section digital effects (Chorus, <a class="tooltip0" style="color: #516681;" href=""><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Delay</span> <em></em></a>…

  • Marshall MG101FX

    Marshall MG101FX - orwells57's review


    See previous ones opinion UTILIZATION The config is intuitive (at least on paper), no need to book. on the other hand in terms of finding the "right sound" I think it's impossible (see below) less be deaf! To limit the damage, it is better to s…

  • Marshall MG101FX

    Marshall MG101FX - Toox's review


    All told t UTILIZATION So the sounds are fairly simple to get when you know the amp, but beginners may break your teeth on it. For my part, I put a lot of time finding the sound that I liked, but now that I realized the trick, just a break with l…

  • Marshall MG101FX

    Marshall MG101FX - fuzzstone's review


    I tried this amp again in a rather loud volume .... We will do for short features, 100 Watts amp (hum hum ..) transistor, 2 channels light / crunch, OD1 / OD2. 4 built-in effects no top at all apart from the reverb not too bad, all you need to not …