Marshall Silver Jubilee Re-issue
SeriesMarshall Silver Jubilee Re-issue
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Marshall Silver Jubilee Re-issue hot news

  • [NAMM] [VIDEO] Marshall 2525C Mini Jubilee
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] [VIDEO] Marshall 2525C Mini Jubilee

    01/23/16 in Marshall 2525C Mini Jubilee

    A live demo of Marshall's new 2525C Mini Jubilee combo from their booth at the NAMM.

  • [NAMM] Marshall introduces Mini Jubilee amps
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] Marshall introduces Mini Jubilee amps

    01/22/16 in Marshall 2525H Mini Jubilee

    Marshall has introduces the 2525 Mini Jubilee head and combo, inspired by the brand's JCM Silver Jubilee model.